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Thread: Pokers Political Corner

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pokerkings View Post


    Tories need to fulfil their promise and revisit this.

    It's great that this group are making more awareness though.
    The Tories sorting out wealth inequality?!

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    I think we've found an MP worth a vote!!

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    Yeah I have always liked Mhairi. Straight out of college at 19 and beat the shadow Foreign Secretary in the 2015 election. After one minibudget she thanked the Chancellor for making her the only 20 year old that can afford a house!. She recently said she might quit politics because of the sleaze - you would have thought she would have known that when she accepted the job but if she does stick it out she may be a future President of Scotland!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steely Hill View Post
    she would do well to look out of the window at Holyrood Palace and see the endless supply of tourists flocking to see where Her Majesty does business in Scotland and understand the importance of keeping these culturally and historically critical buildings in decent working order.

    In fact, she could simply read through my posts and see all of her own arguments debunked skilfully and with great wit
    There has been some great points raised by a few other posters on the various threads on this forum. A read through is indeed a good idea

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    So.... there seems to be some big fuss being made about the 1% pay rise for public workers.

    I saw the other day the amount that some of public servants are on. One teacher with 30 years of service is on just under 48k while, Met Police Sergeants are on 43k plus pension benefits.

    Their complaints are that they haven't received a pay rise on those wages since 2010 and have lost out on 15% increase on those wages.

    I have to say, I'm not sure these people complaining about wages should be having the spotlight shone on them. Now, I'm not saying they don't deserve it, but maybe they should try moving over to a Private corporate company and having a look at their pay after that.

    Rather than focusing on Public Service there needs to be a serious look at the public sector because I think a lot them would be surprised.

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    Surely though, there's more pressing problems with income than the Public sector who, let's face it, are on a good screw compared to most.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steely View Post
    interesting you're siding with the Tories over Labour on this.

    personally I stand to benefit from increased public sector pay so of course I support it
    I like to think I side with what I believe is right.

    As it happens I think the public sector should have their payrise which is long over due. But the private sector is in a much dire state than the Public one.

    Look at Tesco for instance, turning in multi millions each year, yet they pay their staff just over 9 per hour. I know it's not a particular skill to stack the selves or to work on a till, but the overwhelming amount Tesco are turning in needs to reflect it's staff pay better.

    This lower end pay in the public sector needs to be reviewed before we start looking at people who are brining home 40k+ ffs.

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