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Thread: Who will win the tournament?

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    Re: Who will win the tournament?

    The reigning World Champions...2014 FIFA World Cup champions Germany I can see them as the clear favorites to win EURO 2016 but if they don't then I have to go with the host nation the French to win it all in their own backyard

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    Re: Who will win the tournament?

    I'm starting to think France might do it.

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    Re: Who will win the tournament?

    Quote Originally Posted by Pokerkings
    I'm starting to think France might do it.
    I hear that your man Giroud was booed by the home crowd during France's unconvincing home friendly win against Cameroon the other day.

    Germany also lost at home to Slovakia!

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    Re: Who will win the tournament?

    I'm going for ITALY at 18/1. With pOrTuGaL @ 22/1 to be the other team and finalist. Shocking odds for two good teams. Italy have a great defence.

    Germany, England and Croatia can go far.

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    Re: Who will win the tournament?

    HUNGARY and Northern Ireland could be two surprise teams, but mainly looking Hungary to cause a few upsets.

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    Re: Who will win the tournament?

    Despite my earlier cynicism about England's chances, I feel myself getting unaccountably excited about the tournament. Here's why; England teams I've grown up with have traditionally been strong in defence, but our possession is usually poor as the better teams dominate us and pass it around the park, and we don't normally rack up a load of goals. This team, however, is shit in defence but you can see them scoring goals - not just from the likes of Kane, Vardy and Sturridge, but Alli and Rooney will pose a threat from midfield. Add in the attacking full backs and you can see us giving someone a tonking in this tournament.
    Personally, I'd rather we go out 5-4 to the Germans than lose 1-0 to them, at least we have some moments of joy to savour during the game. It is a young squad, despite Roy's conservatism I like the fact that he has taken a chance with some of the young players he has selected. Am I getting carried away? Of course, but who cares, I'm going to enjoy this tournament with schoolboy optimism.
    He's magic you kno-oow, Mauricio Poch-ett-ino!

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    Re: Who will win the tournament?

    Quote Originally Posted by Pickleman1967
    I'm going to enjoy this tournament with schoolboy optimism.
    This is me.

    I pretty much annoy myself with how enthusiastic I get about international football tournaments. I just love them. my missus is regularly on my back about my insistence on watching Bosnia v Nigeria at 2am or whatever but I don't feel that I can miss a minute of the action.

    regrettably work dictates i'll miss some of the 2pm kick offs and a little bit of some of the 5pms but i'll be catching up as much as possible and working from home where I can.

    as for England, I just hope for a dignified exit, whenever that may be. not since 2006 have we gone out with a shred of dignity (although Wazza did his best to strip us of that dignity , ) so it would be nice to restore a bit of pride and respect towards out national team.

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    Re: Who will win the tournament?

    Well this is another case of us playing the right players and if those players play up to their ability.
    I think if Hodgson does the usual bowing down to local pressure every manager before him has done we will lose without question ,if he plays the players on their ability we will win this tournament.
    I think we have the best chance of winning this in recent times ,a good balance of fearless youthfulness and experience .
    I tink Ronney could be a big part of this because even though i think he shouldn't have gone ,he will be more fit than any other player .If he knows that he will be extremely motivated . If Wilshere is over his injury woes and plays close to form that is another massive player that will change our fortunes .Him giving Lallana competition for the spot on the pitch as well will enhance the level of the Liverpool player as he fell way off form last season. All in all i think all the pieces are falling into place for a very good tournament for us ,would have loved to have added Lingard for a boost off the bench be cue she has that fearlessness of Alli ,Vardy and Kane .

    I'm picking England to win .

    If the French would have picked Coquelin then i would have picked them.

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    Re: Who will win the tournament?

    England I can see them as dark horses in this tournament in the essence of them being able to go far but it all depends really on how far Rooney can take them especially if he plays like the Rooney we know he can be for Man U

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    Re: Who will win the tournament?

    France are now the favourites down at the bookies with Germany 2nd, Spain 3rd and England 4th.

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