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Thread: Euro 2016 Top Scorer

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    Re: Euro 2016 Top Scorer

    Quote Originally Posted by Simply
    Muller is in a terrible form somehow... I still thought Gomez would make it with maybe two goals against France and one in the final, but he won't be able to play again this tournament sadly...
    so I guess the top scorer will be french
    Yeah gutting for Gomez in what will almost certainly be his last international tournament. just as Germany started to get a bit of rhythm they are forced to go back to the system utilised in the early group games which gave little result.

    Muller has to go in as the central striker and be told to do exactly what Gomez was doing.

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    Re: Euro 2016 Top Scorer

    A. Griezmann France 6
    Nani Portugal 3
    G. Bale Wales 3
    Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal 3
    O. Giroud France 3
    Álvaro Morata Spain 3
    D. Payet France 3

    Antoine Griezmann is the clear winner with 6 goals.

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