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Thread: Europa League Final-Liverpool v Sevilla-18th May

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    Re: Europa League Final-Liverpool v Sevilla-18th May

    UEFA have charged both Liverpool and Sevilla for the crowd disturbances and both clubs will likely be given a fine and a warning.

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    Re: Europa League Final-Liverpool v Sevilla-18th May

    Quote Originally Posted by Almeida
    so happened that i didn't watch this game, but i think Liverpool fans must be really gutted. not only silverware but a champion's league spot was slipped away and with them the opportunity to have the club's name emerge in Europe once again next season. good thing is, Klopp can now purely concentrate on the Premier League without getting distracted on European affairs.
    You could be right dude, the last time Liverpool had no European distractions they came second in the league. I don't mind admitting I really fancied Liverpool to win the cup, they have an undeniable good relationship with European football.
    He's magic you kno-oow, Mauricio Poch-ett-ino!

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    Re: Europa League Final-Liverpool v Sevilla-18th May

    well i have to laugh at Klopp ...he must be getting really pissed off now ....5 consecutive finals lost ...Liverpool of course could well have been 2 or 3-0 up at half time ..penalties have been give in those cases numerous time over the years...just wasnt Klopp`s night ...but 17 secs after the restart , that really knocked Liverpool for 6 and they just shut off completely ..Sevilla just took them apart and there was no miracle comeback this time ..but i suppose good news is next season no worries for Klopp other than the Premier League title ...

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    Re: Europa League Final-Liverpool v Sevilla-18th May

    Not one of my more memorable excursions into Europe following the red men but the few days I spent in Basel prior to the game were amazing ,the Swiss were welcoming and in general hospitable ,not so the Seville fans who resented the presence of us reds supporters dominating the place on mass.

    As for the game I can honestly say I'm still shell shocked to just how we managed to lose that encounter ,I'm pretty certain Klopp would have told the players to stay compact and that Seville were going to throw everything they had at us to force the equaliser ,I can't for one minute believe he envisaged us conceding so early and completely yielding to concerted pressure. Sadly it was that old and tired cliche 'a game of two halves' we pressed vigorously in the first and Seville simply couldn't cope ,and in the second we afforded their most dangerous playmaker the freedom of the park and capitulated accordingly. Other than that I think Moreno would have trouble negotiating a revolving door without baring his arse.

    Anyway to cut a long story short I went back to my hotel in the wee small hours in a drunken stupor ,and as I lay on the bed staring at the ceiling expecting to fall into a self-induced mini coma I found myself 'instead' running over the earlier events and relived every fucking excruciating moment of our defeat. It seems no amount of alcohol was ever going to exorcise my complete bewilderment at the manner in which we lost this match.

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