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Thread: CL Final-Real Madrid v Atletico Madrid-28th May

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    Re: CL Final-Real Madrid v Atletico Madrid-28th May

    Dissapointed with the result. Thought Athletico might win after drawing level - not that the Real goal should have stood - surely offside. Maybe the underdog victories recently gave me a false sense of hope. Not sure Oblak was much use with the penalties. Never like to see a goalie not even bother to dive, even if it looks futile, they were good penalties give it a go!. As for Pepe disgraceful - Gary Lineker summed it up well:

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    Re: CL Final-Real Madrid v Atletico Madrid-28th May

    Hey Seamus, Its Atletico NOT Athletico!
    I think Gary Lineker is a bit of a dick and should stop trying to be a comedian but i agree with him that Pepe is a big dick and a massive cheat.
    I hope England team give him a good kicking when we play Portugal on Thursday.
    Pepe not Lineker!

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    Re: CL Final-Real Madrid v Atletico Madrid-28th May

    Quote Originally Posted by specnur
    Messi would have done better in my eyes and it really kind of highlights how meter Messi is than Ronaldo for me.
    While I agree that Ronaldo had a poor game it is worth mentioning that ROnaldo's team beat Atletico Madrid but Messi's team got knocked out by them. ,

    in other news, Zinedine Zidane has joined Roberto Di Matteo in the list of managers who have won the Champions League, all while Wenger remains potless. ,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hams View Post
    ... a repeat of the 2014 final which Real unfairly won 4-1.

    You haven't changed at all
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