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Thread: Portugal v Iceland-14th June-Kick Off-8pm

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    Portugal v Iceland-14th June-Kick Off-8pm

    Portugal take on Iceland in Saint Etienne for their first match of the tournament.
    Will Ronaldo be too good for them?

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    Re: Portugal v Iceland-14th June-Kick Off-8pm


    Portugal 1-0 Iceland

    Nice goal by former Man Utd player Nani

    Ronaldo was quiet in the first half

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    Re: Portugal v Iceland-14th June-Kick Off-8pm


    Portugal 1-1 Iceland
    1-0 Nani 31'
    1-1 Bjarnason 50'

    Iceland earn a point in their first ever match in the European Championships

    I thought Ronaldo was poor and it wasn't his night.

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    Re: Portugal v Iceland-14th June-Kick Off-8pm

    Well that was funny, glad to see we're not the only team unable to put away inferior competition. I was hearing on Five Live that 10% of Iceland's entire population has gone over to France to cheer on their team, good to see such enthusiasm and they made a lot of noise against the Portuguese. Sadly I can't see them qualifying, but they have enough about them to worry the other teams in Group F, so they are certainly not without any sort of chance.
    He's magic you kno-oow, Mauricio Poch-ett-ino!

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    Re: Portugal v Iceland-14th June-Kick Off-8pm

    Anyone need any more of an example why this Ronaldo bloke is NOT in the same category as Pelé or Maradona?
    I mean if you can't cary your team against this Iceland lot ,you really have no business mentioning the players in the same breath.
    The word that kept coming into my mound watching his futility was PLASTIC, and i think it is down to the superficial nature of todays stars across all categories of "entertainment". People are built up of off almost nothing people become "stars" off of very little these days and it's just reflected in the way we are fed information. Ronaldo is as much a media creation as he is a good player which is undeniable . But an all time great ,the best ever even ,well you just got to laugh at the notion . I did before this game and i most certainly did after this one ,maybe he will pick it up when it is dire straights for his country in this competition who knows ,but it should never have gotten to this .
    fair play to Iceland for defending as a team and keeping their focus ,impeccable job. But i was shaking my head at them just lofting the ball away for their half right back at Portugal, it was nothing more than target practice and the amount of chances Ronaldo's team had but couldn't make count was laughable.
    You lot can keep rating this bloke a shish as you do ,but i feel very confident in my opinion of his true ability . He should have been tearing that team apart if he was as good as many here think he is ,simple as that.

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    Re: Portugal v Iceland-14th June-Kick Off-8pm

    Quote Originally Posted by Steely Hill

    I think it was a mistake to have him as an outright centre forward. he was basically just getting crosses slung at him all game and rarely had the ball at his feet facing the goal. I think he should have dropped deeper slightly and that would have drawn at least one defender out with him.

    that said, had he scored a hat trick he'd have been slagged off as a flat track bully so he was on a hiding to nothing however the game went.
    He often got the ball in and around the box ,plenty of times hue had the ball outside the box and tried to run at the defense or make space to take a long shot and he rarely had any success form where he regularly gets his goals from in la liga.
    I think the Iceland defense were pretty well organized and upped the intensity land focus to what he's used to which is why he never had the same success . He is supposed to spank a team like this by himself ,carry the team when the game looks tight around the 60th minute on .he's supposed to take control at that point ,like the many times Drogba did for chelsea in the biggest games. He's not new to the players around him they have been together for years now ,so there is no excise for him.

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    Re: Portugal v Iceland-14th June-Kick Off-8pm

    Ronaldo got one shot off on goal but that went over the bar. Iceland played a solid defensive game and limited the amount of shots he got off to less than he would in a more open la liga or premier league game

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    Re: Portugal v Iceland-14th June-Kick Off-8pm

    Quote Originally Posted by Steely Hill

    it wasn't his finest game, of course. as I've said before, hardly any offensive players have been dominant in the tournament so far. however we're one group game down for him, plenty of time to recover from that setback.

    Iceland neutralised the threat very well and his frustration was obvious. there were far worse Portuguese players on that pitch, not least that moron Pepe at the back.
    Love your optimism and faith mate!
    I hop done day you'll see the light
    He's an overrated player ,simple as that .That not to say he is not good , it just that he is not the player people would like to project him as.
    To see you fall for the media deluge is a bit of a disappointment to be honest ,as you normally see through the bullish!t ! But they have even duped you

    I expect him to pick up his goal tally when he faces a team that are already psychologically beaten e.g have lost a game already, have a very low chance or already eliminated from making it too the next round. He'll bang them in against those team in this competition i have no doubt and the media will be there to tell us how Ronaldo has taken control of this tournament. They said he would at the last two world cups and have said he would here ,his record is abysmal.

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    Re: Portugal v Iceland-14th June-Kick Off-8pm

    Quote Originally Posted by Steely Hill
    mate, I couldn't care less if he has an absolute stinker through the whole tournament. I just think it's a little harsh to jump all over his back because of a relatively quiet game against an ultra defensive team. especially when, as I'm sure you'd admit, had he dominated them and scored a hat trick you'd have dismissed that as superficial bottom feeding.

    again I have to reiterate the media deluge is of no interest to me. if he's crap i'll say it, if he's brilliant I have no problem in saying that.

    the key point for me is how this tournament set up has pretty much encouraged teams to play conservatively for a draw, rather than go for broke with a win. that has led to barely any players having the chance to shine.
    YOU'RE GODDAMN RIGHT ! but that would only be in reaction to the over sensationalized media drudge that would follow that accomplishment . For me it is normal for a player of Ronaldo's ability to score goals against teams like this ,it is normal or at least it should be if he's as good as many would like to believe .There is absolutely nothing wrong with it for a professional footballer to do so,but when that is confused with scoring against the best teams in the biggest matches and going above and beyond to get his team the win it infuriates me .The world has been dumbed down to kindergarten levels and football seems to be leading the charge .

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    Re: Portugal v Iceland-14th June-Kick Off-8pm

    Quote Originally Posted by Steely Hill

    I agree that it is normal that top class players should be scoring a higher number against weaker sides. however what isn't normal is the sheer volume of goals Ronaldo scores against 'teams like them'. nobody in the history of the game has scored the volume of goals he has. his stats are extraordinary. you choose to dismiss them but I simply say the figures are too incredible to ignore or dismiss.
    I guess this is where our standards are different ,because if he can't do it against the best then those numbers mean nothing to me in selecting a team to beat the best . Wasn't there an Irish bloke a while back who had scored more goals than anyone on the international level or something like that ,no one ever heard of him at that point. Does that mean he's better than Ronaldo ? no way ,but it's where we tend to cloud things for the sake of personal stimulation and sensationalism . You never get an accurate assessment of a players true ability by looking at padded records over lesser teams.
    Some teams don;t even play their biggest stars against low level team and i am pretty sure somewhere in Ronaldo's contract he has made the stipulation that he plays in every game if he is fit to play ,just for the reason we are debating here now. It would not surprise me one bit even though i don't have any proof of it being fact.

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