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Thread: Italy v Rep of Ireland-22nd June-Kick Off-8pm

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    Re: Italy v Rep of Ireland-22nd June-Kick Off-8pm

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    all the British teams go through
    been in the states too long specnur

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    Re: Italy v Rep of Ireland-22nd June-Kick Off-8pm

    Well done ROI, a brilliant smash and grab raid. I have to admit I thought they had blown it when Hoolihan missed that sitter. The fact that Italy had already won the group seemed to play into Ireland's hands, too many changes and perhaps not enough urgency about their play, but take nothing away from the men in green it was one of their best ever wins in a tournament.
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    Re: Italy v Rep of Ireland-22nd June-Kick Off-8pm

    Was i the only one to predict Ireland to win this game ? ,
    Another emotional game that and me holding back the waterworks. Yes ,i have absolutely no connection with that country ,but playing for fans like that knowing full well wether you lose or win their love for you will be the same makes your heart melt. What win means to them fans i'll never fully understand ,but i have a good idea and that's why i get emotional about games like that. This tournament has been full of drama thus far ,how many late goals can it keep providing .

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    Re: Italy v Rep of Ireland-22nd June-Kick Off-8pm

    Great win for us, the game went exactly as I hoped it would, we kept it tight at the back, pressed them at every opportunity and got forward as often as possible. No doubt it was a very poor Italy team with nothing to play for but still, it'll go down as one of those great tournament moments for us. Everyone thought we missed our chance when Hoolihan made a mess of that chance and to have such a late goal totally change our tournament was amazing, can't remember the last time I celebrated a goal so much.

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