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Thread: Last 16-Euro 2016- France

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    Last 16-Euro 2016- France


    Sat 25/06/16
    Switzerland 14 : 00 Poland
    Wales 17 : 00 Northern Ireland
    Croatia 20 : 00 Portugal

    Sun 26/06/16
    France 14 : 00 Republic of Irů
    Germany 17 : 00 Slovakia
    Hungary 20 : 00 Belgium

    Mon 27/06/16
    Italy 17 : 00 Spain
    England 20 : 00 Iceland

    Will put up match topics for most of these games but in mean time any early comments or predictions?

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    Re: Last 16-Euro 2016- France

    Thank god for that last minute Iceland goal against Austria or we would be playing Portugal in last 16.
    Portugal knocked England out of Euro 2004 and 2006 World Cup.

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    Re: Last 16-Euro 2016- France

    Iceland wont be a gimme, they are efficient defenders and have demonstrated an ability to break well (they've scored more goals than us ) but of course we have to beat them ffs. Personally I wouldn't have minded Portugal, previous results should have no bearing on our ability to beat them, but I know the psychological effect can be powerful.
    Italy vs Spain is obviously the eye catcher in the next round, I think that may go to penalties though, it will be very tight. France vs ROI will be good as well, there is definitely a score to settle after Henry's infamous hand ball against them (Gooners you see, untrustworthy cheats). I'd love to see the Irish pull it off again, but it is hard to see past the French on their own manor.
    Croatia vs Portugal catches my eye also, should be a great game (f*ck the tournament came to life with the Portugal vs Hungary game), head and heart say Croatia for that one. Bring it on!
    He's magic you kno-oow, Mauricio Poch-ett-ino!

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    Re: Last 16-Euro 2016- France

    Portugal have been awful defencively so I think we could have took them and got some payback but Iceland it is, tricky but beatable . The Scottish have already adopted Iceland as their spiritual brothers, from the cold dark islands. Of course if they had lost all the games they wouldn't give a sh*t about them but now they face England...

    I think Wales will beat Northern Ireland but I cant see the Irish beating the hosts. Hope the pundits in the studio tell Thierry to keep his hands where they can see them this time...

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    Re: Last 16-Euro 2016- France

    Portugal should have been eliminated way earlier.. but they now play against Poland, who in my eyes is the easiest opponent left in the quater finals, so they could even reach semi finals lmao..

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