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Thread: R16-England v Iceland-27th June-Kick Off-8pm

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    R16-England v Iceland-27th June-Kick Off-8pm

    FOUR THAW THOR will read the headlines as England finally find their shooting boots and break down a sturdy defence to display their attacking potential and chalk up a superb 4-0 win....

    ....meanwhile, back in reality we're all scratching our heads about what our best starting eleven is, what our best formation is and how we'll break down yet another stubborn defence who have shown a proven record in defending brilliantly, relinquishing possession willingly and yet hitting teams on the break.

    on paper it should be an easy win but nothing has been easy for us so far so its unlikely this will be either. a team with nothing to lose and probably every neutral in Europe willing them on, this will be quite unlike most other international matches.

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    Re: England v Iceland

    It'll be hard for me to root against the Icelanders ! Listening to that commentator in their last game had me crying my eyes out! It's the beauty of sport right there in a nutshell . They'll be stubborn alright ,but depending on our line up they should be worn out come mid second half. They'll go out a proud team and get a heroes welcome back home and it'll be well deserved .The type of story that keeps me alive.

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    Re: England v Iceland

    yep, stories like theirs are why I love international tournaments so much. its life changing and life affirming for so many people, fans and players alike.

    in every tournament you'll find brilliant underdog stories and at least one nation that you just can't help but get involved with despite no geographical or cultural affiliation whatsoever.

    club football will never provide you with that, or anything close to it.

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    Re: R16-England v Iceland-27th June-Kick Off-8pm

    I expect Iceland will park the bus in this match and only try and nick a goal from a set piece or counter attack
    so its up to England to try and break them down however due to Roy Hodgson's dithering I'm no longer confident in his ability and don't think he knows what the feck he is doing.

    Who would you select in the 3 Lions side?

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    Re: R16-England v Iceland-27th June-Kick Off-8pm

    Oh shite

    Raheem Sterling is going to start against Iceland tonight

    The news has left me frozen.

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    Re: R16-England v Iceland-27th June-Kick Off-8pm

    so a return to the Wales and Russia game is likely I presume. I wonder if he'll acknowledge that the lack of widemen and an overload on central midfielders was a needless move to make after the dust has settled.

    I'm sure roy read my assessment of the previous game and acknowledges the need to stretch Iceland away from a congested middle and so will make as much use of what width we do have as much as possible.

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    Re: R16-England v Iceland-27th June-Kick Off-8pm

    I hope I'm proved wrong but Sterling is a poor decision, when a player is clearly going through a lack of confidence and getting upset by comments on social media the time and place to put that right is after the tournament, don't try and fix it in the knockout stages Roy ffs. I'm with Hams in doubting Roy's clarity of thought, there has been a ridiculous amount of chopping and changing, now we're back to square one.
    Nonetheless, we have far more attacking talent than Iceland, this is an opportunity for a morale boosting goal rush. With France up next (providing we don't f*ck this up) it would be good to see a confident and decisive England swat away this team. Let's hope it's not a case of the Iceman Cometh!
    He's magic you kno-oow, Mauricio Poch-ett-ino!

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    Re: R16-England v Iceland-27th June-Kick Off-8pm


    1 J. Hart
    5 G. Cahill
    3 D. Rose
    2 K. Walker
    6 C. Smalling
    17 E. Dier
    7 R. Sterling
    20 D. Alli
    10 W. Rooney
    15 D. Sturridge
    9 H. Kane

    1 H. Halldˇrsson
    6 R. Sigur­sson
    2 B. SŠvarsson
    23 A. Sk˙lason
    8 B. Bjarnason
    14 K. ┴rnason
    17 A. Gunnarsson
    7 J. Gu­munds*son
    10 G. Sigur­sson
    9 K. Sig■ˇrsson
    15 J. B÷­varsson

    If England don't beat this lot it will be one of our biggest embarrassments in our football history ever.

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    Re: R16-England v Iceland-27th June-Kick Off-8pm

    Kyle Walker just Spurs'd our lead away.

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    Re: R16-England v Iceland-27th June-Kick Off-8pm

    Great game.

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