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Thread: R16-Italy v Spain-27th June-Kick Off-5pm

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    R16-Italy v Spain-27th June-Kick Off-5pm

    Italy came top of their group thanks to that early win against Belgium while Spain had a shock 2-1 defeat by Croatia and only finished as runners up.
    Will the holders get their act again together against the Italians?

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    Re: R16-Italy v Spain-27th June-Kick Off-5pm

    This should be the best game of the tournament ,not because either team are great ,but because they match up well style wise and mentally.
    Both teams like to feign a lot and are pretty desperate in their acts in order to get a result.
    Looking forward to this match and i feel Italy will win it!

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    Re: R16-Italy v Spain-27th June-Kick Off-5pm

    The winners of tonight's match will play against Germany in the quarter finals!
    I think that Spain are the only side who are capable of beating the world champions but wont be easy to get past the Italians defence tonight.
    I predict Alvaro Morata to have a big game as he played with Juventus and knows his opponents.

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    Re: R16-Italy v Spain-27th June-Kick Off-5pm


    1 G. Buffon
    15 A. Barzagli
    19 L. Bonucci
    3 G. Chiellini
    2 M. De Sciglio
    16 D. De Rossi
    18 M. Parolo
    8 A. Florenzi
    9 G. Pellè
    17 E. Martins
    23 E. Giaccherini

    13 De Gea
    15 Sergio Ramos
    16 Juanfran
    3 Piqué
    18 Jordi Alba
    10 Fàbregas
    6 Iniesta
    21 David Silva
    5 Busquets
    22 Nolito
    7 Álvaro Morata

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    Re: R16-Italy v Spain-27th June-Kick Off-5pm


    Italy 1-0 Spain

    Chiellini 33'

    Excellent first half from Italy in Paris while the Spanish were complete rubbish

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    Re: R16-Italy v Spain-27th June-Kick Off-5pm

    So Germany has to face their bogey team in the quaterfinals.. I think out of all teams, Italy and Belgium are the teams who are able to beat them...
    Spain looked pretty bored throughout the match .. Italy was the better team and deserved to go through

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    Re: R16-Italy v Spain-27th June-Kick Off-5pm


    Italy 2-0 Spain
    1-0 Chiellini 33'
    2-0 Pellè 90'

    It was a deserved win by Italy who were by far the better team against a very poor Spanish side today.

    Spain's manager Del Bosque must take the blame for some poor decisions like not bringing on Pedro with more time to play.

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    Re: R16-Italy v Spain-27th June-Kick Off-5pm

    A gripping game and a masterclass of Italian football at its best, Conte going nuts on the touchline was quite funny but it shows the passion of the man besides the astute tactical mind (oh b*llocks, Chelsea have hooked a good one there). Spain certainly perked up second half and I thought an equaliser was nailed on, but fair play to that calm and assured Italian defence, they never looked panicked. Italy impressive, contenders for the tournament title all day long.
    He's magic you kno-oow, Mauricio Poch-ett-ino!

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    Re: R16-Italy v Spain-27th June-Kick Off-5pm

    Had a bet on Hungary to draw with Belgium for my first Euro bet, so managed to make my second one as ITALY to beat Spain in normal time @ 10/3. Won me just short of £70.

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    Re: R16-Italy v Spain-27th June-Kick Off-5pm

    A real classic Italian display, totally outclassed Spain tactically. As usual they were rock solid at the back and countered excellently. Delighted for Buffon as well, another great display from a real winner

    As you said Steely a shame they're playing Germany next as they've probably been the two best teams in the tournament so far

    Spain were poor and uninspired again, they clearly need a big overhaul of the squad and management going forward. No surprise that some of the more senior players will have lost motivation having already won everything but the young players coming through look to be a level below what they've had for the past 10 years

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