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Thread: QF-Wales v Belgium-1st July-Kick Off-8pm

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    Re: QF-Wales v Belgium-1st July-Kick Off-8pm

    The good news for Wales is that Jan Vertonghen is out with an injury and Thomas Vermaelen suspended so Belgium will be lacking numbers in defence.

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    Re: QF-Wales v Belgium-1st July-Kick Off-8pm


    1 W. Hennessey
    2 C. Gunter
    3 N. Taylor
    6 A. Williams
    5 J. Chester
    4 B. Davies
    11 G. Bale
    16 J. Ledley
    9 H. Robson-Kanu
    7 J. Allen
    10 A. Ramsey

    1 T. Courtois
    2 T. Alderweireld
    16 T. Meunier
    21 J. Lukaku
    15 J. Denayer
    6 A. Witsel
    4 R. Nainggolan
    10 E. Hazard
    7 K. De Bruyne
    11 Y. Carrasco
    9 R. Lukaku

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    Re: QF-Wales v Belgium-1st July-Kick Off-8pm

    Yeah, weakened back four, but Belgium should still have too much for Wales all over the park. Real shame about the delays in the Euro Tunnel that mean a lot of Welsh fans have paid a lot of money but will miss the game...
    He's magic you kno-oow, Mauricio Poch-ett-ino!

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    Re: QF-Wales v Belgium-1st July-Kick Off-8pm

    Well done to Wales. Deserved that. Pity they'll miss their best player so far in the tournament. The yellow card situation in this tournament is a joke. You have to get through 5 games without picking up two yellows. Surely they should wipe them after the group stage.

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    Re: QF-Wales v Belgium-1st July-Kick Off-8pm

    Well deserved victory for Wales...
    lmao Wales kicks out Belgium, while England kicked England..

    I'm looking foward to see Wales vs. Iceland in the finals

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    Re: QF-Wales v Belgium-1st July-Kick Off-8pm

    Quote Originally Posted by Pickleman1967
    . 1-3 is the forecast.
    Wow - nailed it with that prediction!.

    A great game to watch. Robson Kanus goal was a beauty, as Savage said if that is scored by Messi, nobody will stop talking about it!.

    Nainggolans goal werent bad either!

    Puts a new spin on the England Euro story aswell - we beat one of the big guns of European Football!.

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    Re: QF-Wales v Belgium-1st July-Kick Off-8pm

    You can't help but sit back and admire Wales.

    Absolutely brilliant stuff.

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    Re: QF-Wales v Belgium-1st July-Kick Off-8pm

    When everyone was banging on about how good Belgium were looking and had them favorites for this tournament ,i said it was only Hungary !
    Well this is the justification in that sobering comment . I still had Belgium winning this game ,but this result is just brilliant .
    I have no problem rooting for all the British teams ,it's just how i feel about it.
    I am so happy for Wales ,i truly am.
    The only downside is that they got very little chance in the next round with Ramsey now being out ,but i'll be rooting form them every minute of that game .
    I would have had them beating Portugal without question if Ramsey was available ,because his class so far has been of massive importance to the Welsh success.
    He's not been incredible ,but that Arsenal quality when it has been needed ,that level of ball control that takes a plot second off of the opposition getting organized makes a huge difference and i saw it all over the pitch in this game. A bobble of poor control and a counter attack would have been nullified ,but when you got a make shift inexperienced back line that Belgium had it had them scrambling .
    That Naingollan goal was a beauty.
    I have said this as long as this player as been on my radar ,but can anyone tell me WHY Witsel is selected game after game ? Can anyone tell me what this player does to be in the starting line up? It is really is one of the most baffling questions in all my years of watching football sparked by his massive price tag of a few years back.
    Anyway great game and great to see a rag tag bunch of lower tier premiership players playing as one for the betterment of the team and nothing else. I have to say Ashley Williams is one of the most annoying personalities in football ,but he does step up for the that team .He does milk it though ffs!
    Well done Wales .

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    Re: QF-Wales v Belgium-1st July-Kick Off-8pm


    Wales 3-1 Belgium
    0-1 Nainggolan 13'
    1-1 Williams 30'
    2-1 Robson-Kanu 55'
    3-1 Vokes 85'

    Congrats to Wales on a deserved win in what was a fantastic match for the neutral.

    When Belgium went ahead on 13 minutes they looked well in control but it was a great comeback by the Welsh

    That goal from Robson Kanu was one of the best ever in the way that he turned like Johan Cruyff and took 3 defenders out the game was something else!
    Its crazy that he is a free agent at the moment if that is what he can do!

    Very disappointed with the Belgians display and they have failed once again despite having possibly the most talented squad ever.

    Their coach Marc Wilmots clearly isn't up to the job and the Red Devils need a new manager.

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    Re: QF-Wales v Belgium-1st July-Kick Off-8pm

    Wales deserve all the praise that's coming their way ,they've shown that through hard work and graft that players
    who really want something badly enough can rise above all the teams crammed with world-class talent and play
    with real pride and conviction. I don't think England fans will ever be able to say that !

    Wales have been a breath of fresh air in much the same vein Leicester as last season ,how refreshing it's been to
    see a team that have played each game like their lives depended on it ,how much of a message does it send to an
    England team and the English media and pundits who arrogantly dismissed Iceland the moment they realised it
    wouldn't be Portugal they were playing ?

    I'm not going to suddenly start draping the Welsh Dragon out of my bedroom window ,or seek out Rhod Gilbert
    DVDs ,but Congratulations Wales ,your application to the importance of the task in hand has left the English FA
    and its mollycoddled players shamed.

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