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Thread: SF-Germany v France-7th July-Kick Off-8pm

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    Re: SF-Germany v France-7th July-Kick Off-8pm

    Quote Originally Posted by Steely Hill
    come on Simply, that was a definite penalty. I'm baffled that it is even being questioned. Schweinsteiger does a near full 'salute' ( , ) and the ball unquestionably hits his arm. after Boateng, he was a moron for having his arm in that position and the ref did brilliantly to spot it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Simply
    in my opinion you CAN give that penalty though, Schweinsteigers hand is not supposed to be there..
    I did not question the penalty Steely, I just doubt Germany would have gotten the call if it favoured them, as the ref continued to give France advantages...
    Kroos didn't get a penalty for example .. yes, he managed to get a shot of and fell afterwards, but if you look closely you see Pogba kicking his leg before he takes the shot...
    the only question should have been if it was a penalty or a freekick, but the ref didn't mind whistling at all...

    and this pattern continued until the 80th minute, when Germany was exhausted and their spirit broken... I sat there in my pub and predicted the refs calls right one after another..
    I remember exactly a corner for Germany, where 2 french guys went to the ground and the ref called offensive foul.. the replay exposed that there was NOTHING and those french players just fell because of each other

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    Re: SF-Germany v France-7th July-Kick Off-8pm

    Agreed, Germany the better team in every area, just couldn't convert the superiority of possession and play into goals, not the first time we've seen it in this tournament. As for the penalty, a "technical" penalty I'd call it, it certainly doesn't look like Schwiensteiger intentionally tried to control the ball with his hand, more of a "ball to hand" affair. Opinion is divided,
    for me unless there is clear intent it seems harsh.
    All academic now of course, France are in the final, it should be a good close game between two teams who haven't exactly impressed so far, I have to fancy France to win. It could be worse Simply, Germany have won so many major tournaments they have an embarrassment of riches - we're still talking about our last win fifty years ago!
    He's magic you kno-oow, Mauricio Poch-ett-ino!

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