Season 2017/18

Premier League Winners - Manchester United

Runners Up - Manchester City

3rd Position - Chelsea

4th Position - Tottenham

5th - Position - Arsenal

FA Cup winners - Man United

League Cup Winners - Tottenham

Player of the season - Lukaku

Best young player - Dele Alli

Top scorer - Lukaku

1st manager to be sacked - Marco Silva (of course!)

Manager of the season - Jose (fucking) Mourinho

3 Relegated sides - Huddersfield, Swansea, Crystal Palace

Your team - Tottenham

Their final league position - 4th (That is being very fucking optimistic, we are playing away all season ffs, if we get fourth I'll buy everyone on the forum a pint. These days I'm guessing that will still cost me less than twenty quid, even going by London prices!).