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Thread: Rio Olympics-2016

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    Re: Rio Olympics-2016

    Divers Tom Daley and Goodfellow win a Bronze and some bloke who is a farmer won a bronze in trap shooting.

    Novak Djokovic was knocked out in tennis so Andy Murray has a great chance to win Gold again but is out of the doubles with his brother Jamie.

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    Re: Rio Olympics-2016

    Glad to see a bit of backbone by the IPC regarding Russias place in the Paralympics.

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    Re: Rio Olympics-2016

    Its been a poor couple of days for Team GB
    No more medals in either Equestrian,Gymnastics,swimming or Canoeing plus that failure in Road cycling.

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    Re: Rio Olympics-2016

    Whats going on with the diving pool in Rio? Its gone a green colour ffs!

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    Re: Rio Olympics-2016

    Never mind Team GB not winning any more swimming medals as presenter Helen Skelton's revealing outfits by the side of the pool are more than making up for it!

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    Re: Rio Olympics-2016

    2 more Gold medals for Team GB yesterday in Diving and Canoeing to take our total up to 3 to 9th in medals table.

    Incredible rugby match between GB and Argentina that finished 0-0 after Full Time but with us going through to semis thanks to an extra time try!

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    Re: Rio Olympics-2016

    Group A
    1 Brazil 3 4 5
    2 Denmark 3 -3 4
    3 Iraq 3 0 3
    4 South Africa 3 -1 2

    Group B
    1 Nigeria 3 0 6
    2 Colombia 3 2 5
    3 Japan 3 0 4
    4 Sweden 3 -2 1

    Group C
    1 South Korea 3 9 7
    2 Germany 3 10 5
    3 Mexico 3 3 4
    4 Fiji 3 -22 0

    Group D
    1 Portugal 3 3 7
    2 Honduras 3 0 4
    3 Argentina 3 -1 4
    4 Algeria 3 -2 1

    Brazil beat Denmark 4-0 to win their group and qualify for quarter finals.

    Saturday 13th August

    17:00 - 18:45
    Men's Quarterfinal POR V GER

    20:00 - 21:45
    Men's Quarterfinal NGA V DEN

    23:00 - 00:45
    Men's Quarterfinal KOR V HON

    Sunday 14tb August

    02:00 - 03:45
    Men's Quarterfinal BRZ V COL

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    Re: Rio Olympics-2016

    quite liking this Rugby 7s, far more enjoyable than the full thing. was incredible seeing the Japanese beat New Zealand. at various points these giant New Zealanders were running along with Japanese fells literally hanging off them typically tenacious though, that win was remarkable.
    Fiji beat GB 43-7 in rugby 7's final to win their first ever Gold medal in the Olympics!
    We were completely destroyed but they are the best in world at this form of rugby and our lot only got together for first time a couple of months ago!

    4th gold for GB at mens cycling in velodrome.

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    Re: Rio Olympics-2016

    Fiji were something else weren't they.

    You couldn't help but watch and admire them.

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    Re: Rio Olympics-2016

    What a fantastic weekend for Team GB at the Olympics!

    We are now up to 2nd in the medals table behind the USA!

    What a race from Mo Farrah in the 10,000 metres final to win it even after he had been knocked over by his yank mate Rudd.

    Surely it should be Sir Mo Farrah in the future as if any one deserves a knighthood he does?

    I was also very happy to see Usain Bolt beat that 2 times drug cheat Justin Gatlain to win the 100 metres Gold again for a 3rd time in a row.

    What a fantastic run too from the South African wade who beat Michael Johnson's long world record in the 400 metres.

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