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Thread: Rio Olympics-2016

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    Re: Rio Olympics-2016

    The whole Olympics have been a joy to watch haven't they?

    I have to say, it's been one of the best games ive seen and you can't help but be caught up in it. Every competitor seems to have a story that has you gunning for them.

    It's also been good to see such sportsmanship and such respect for others throughout.

    Team GB is doing really well and you can see the benefits of having an Olympics at home.

    Great stuff.

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    Re: Rio Olympics-2016

    Medal Table

    1 United States 35,33,32,100
    2 Great Britain & N. Ireland 22,21,13,56
    3 China 20,16,22,58

    Usain Bolt has won the 200 metres and is on course for another treble if he wins the relay.

    Those American swimmers have been naughty boys lying to the police in Rio that they had been robbed when they'd really had an altercation with a guard at a petrol station!

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    Re: Rio Olympics-2016

    I'll tell you what , you will hard pressed to find a more dominant group of athletes as the woman's wrestling team from Japan. Ruling supreme ,total domination!

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    Re: Rio Olympics-2016

    Brasil vs Ger what a game!!!

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    Re: Rio Olympics-2016

    Brazil win the Olympic Gold medal in the football for first time ever after beating Germany 5-4 on pens
    with the match having ended 1-1 with Neymar scoring the winning spot kick to get some revenge and pride back following that 7-1 thrashing in the 2014 world cup.

    Sir Mo Farrah has done it again winning the 5,000 metres final to add to the 10,000 metres gold he had already won.
    Surely he is now our greatest athlete ever?

    There is a British super heavyweight Jo Joyce going in the final today on the last day of the Olympics so good luck to him.

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    Re: Rio Olympics-2016

    Team GB has now clinched 2nd spot in the medals table - we cannot be caught. Now the questions is how many damehoods, knighthoods and MBEs will be handed out?.

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    Re: Rio Olympics-2016

    Congrats to Team GB for having their most successful Olympic games ever and making the whole of the UK proud.

    There will be an open top bus parade in Manchester which is a bad choice as I'm told that it is always raining up there!

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    Re: Rio Olympics-2016

    Final medals table

    1 United States 46,37,38,121
    2 Great Britain & N. Ireland 27,23,17,67
    3 China 26,18, 26, 70

    Where are you Australians,French and Germans?!!

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    Re: Rio Olympics-2016

    I'd say the USA spread out their medals fairly well.

    Olympics had 28 sports. USA competed in 27. USA got medals in 20. That's a pretty good spread.

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    Re: Rio Olympics-2016

    Small club mentality. What's the next excuse, Lee? ,

    I need Polish Nick in here to explain to me India's poor performance despite having billions of people.

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