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Thread: Fantasy Premier League

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    Re: Fantasy Premier League 2016/17

    Quote Originally Posted by Pickleman1967
    Quote Originally Posted by specnur
    Looks like someone has been copying my front line ,it's not going to matter though.

    Yeah, right, now I know you've picked the same front line I know I've made a mistake!
    What makes you think i was talking about you ffs!
    Wrong again you nut job !

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    Re: Fantasy Premier League 2016/17

    Had a poor start in week 1 with only 34 points which wasn't helped by Ozil or Ashley Williams not playing!

    Still looking for new players to take part in our fantasy league so if anyone is looking for a game to join you are welcome here.

    The code for joining is 970829-255596

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    Re: Fantasy Premier League 2016/17

    Have had to sell Andy Carroll and replaced him with Diego Costa.

    Don't know why over 120,000 people have got rid of Payet as I'm sure he will be a regular points scorer again soon.

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    Re: Fantasy Premier League 2016/17

    The second week was awful for me...29 points.

    Still waiting for our English strikers to bag a trick or two

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    Re: Fantasy Premier League 2016/17

    Spurs will now be without Kane for some time so if any of you have him in your XI i would sell him now and find a replacement.

    I'm 3rd in league at moment and going very well for a change! Sergio Aguero should be back from his 3 game ban.

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    Dropped down to 7th but my fault as i forgot to
    take Aguero out of my team when he was banned for 5 matches!
    At least Diego Costa has been banging them plus Danny Rose picking up points recently.
    My midfield of payet,Ozil and Ali have been very hit and miss.

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    A mediocre 12th is where I am at the moment, just my luck to buy Ozil when his form hits the skids! I think I need to go into the transfer market again...

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    Don't worry Pickle as I'm sure Ozil will start turning it on soon against the light weights of the division!

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    I've bitten the bullet and sacked Ozil, so watch him score for fun in the coming weeks. I seem to have a "reverse Midas touch" when it comes to this, Calumn Wilson, van Dijk, and Charlie Austin were all in my team, all of them long term injured! Out goes van Dijk and Ozil, in comes Giroud and Milner, I'll think about replacing Austin as well, Deeney looks a decent investment. Here comes my late season surge, CHARGE!!
    He's magic you kno-oow, Mauricio Poch-ett-ino!

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    season 2017/18

    league has been renewed for new season
    so start picking your squads with the 100 m you have to spend!

    new players always welcome

    I hope for big things this year from Pogba,Alli and Kane.

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