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Thread: NFL 2016

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    An amazing late performance from the Dolphins who went into the 4th quarter against the Rams 10 points down without a 3rd down completion, 2 turnovers and the only pass into the end zone ended up being intercepted but somehow managed to score 2 touchdowns and win the game!. The Giants also pulled off a win but let us sweat out the ending in usual fashion. Both are now 2nd in their divisions and looking on good form to reach the playoffs. The Cowboys are still 9-1 and the Raiders are the surprise package in the AFC West but its a tight division.

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    We go 2-0 against the number 1 rank team in the NFC!. If we win against Detroit and the Bucs or the Falcons slip up then we are through to the wildcard game!. Miami are in good position in the AFC too. The Chiefs and the Raiders are making the AFC West an interesting battle and the Browns are still winless.

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    The Giants and the Dolphins are heading to the play-offs!!!!!

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    Delighted to see both Dolphins and Giants in the wildcard games. Still unlikely that they will meet in the Superbowl but while there is still an outside chance, i am happy!

    Wildcard games

    Oakland Raiders v Houston Texans
    Detroit Lions v Seattle Seahawks
    New York Giants v Green Bay Packers
    Miami Dolphins v Pittsburgh Steelers

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    Oakland Raiders 14 - 27 Houston Texans
    Detroit Lions 6 - 26 Seattle Seahawks
    New York Giants 13 - 38 Green Bay Packers
    Miami Dolphins 12 - 30 Pittsburgh Steelers

    No real surprise for the Dolphins but the Giants, who have made a habit of screwing up a great start did it again against a team you really shouldn't be gicing half a chance to. We had them limited to only 7 yards gained until nearly half time when Rodgers finally found his throwing aim and let loose. Our defence then fell apart. OBJ dropped a couple of great chances that may have killed them off early as well. Well i suppose its going to be a Dallas v New England superbowl and an early night for me!.

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    Green Bay Packers 21 - 44 Atlanta Falcons
    Pittsburgh Steelers 17 - 36 New England Patriots

    So Superbowl will be the Pats against the Falcons . I was shocked to see how badly the Packers fell apart after the amazing showings against the Giants and the Cowboys but it was over by half-time. Pissed off that the Pats are off to the superbowl again - Can't see the Falcons having enough defensively to keep them at bay. In some ways i hope they get a pasting so i can give up at half-time and get some sleep.

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    Having followed the Pats for some 30 years now, I must say it's been quite a pleasant ride for the most part of the last 17 or so. This Brady/Bellichick era will go down in history as one of the most, if not the most successful, player coach partnerships.

    I'm a bit nervy about the game on Monday (my time). Atlanta has a lot of weapons that Bill and Matt somehow have to offset, but historically it's normally the team with the best defence that wins the day.

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    Bellichick is the Sir Alex Ferguson of the NFL really!. Amazing success rate and he knows how to get results. Brady is breaking all sorts of records as well and he still has a few years left in him. Do you think that they will struggle without him when the time comes, like Denver have this year. Speaking of which I havent seen mrtz around in a while. Maybe Trump had him deported!.

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    It all depends on how long Bill wants to carry on really. They had to make do without Brady for the first four games this year and ended up 3-1 with the back up QB getting injured and then the third string taking over for the last game which was a blow out.
    It looks like Jimmy Garapollo will be traded in the close season and Jacoby Brissett will be the long term future. I'd happily go with that..

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    Here's a rare shot of the Falcons flying into Houston for the Superbowl


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