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Thread: NFL 2016

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    Ready for the big game tommorow night - early monday morning. It would be great to see the Falcons win with a Touchdown from an interception deep into overtime but I know deep down that the Pats will run riot and it will be over by halftime.

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    Only know a bit about nfl from watching bits and pieces and the superbowls but that seemed like the falcons bottled it. Maybe I'm wrong and it was a brilliant comeback from the patriots. Which was it? No matter what have to feel bad for the team who have never won a superbowl. Fair play to new England though

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    I think it was a bit of both. As much as the result annoyed me it has to go down as one of the most exciting and memorable Superbowls. The biggest comeback ever and the first to go into overtime. As soon as they pulled it back from 28-3 to 28-20, I knew that they were going to win it. The sack and fumble from Matt Ryan and the foul on the final 2pt conversion were the real turning points.

    Will Brady retire now?. I mean what does he have left to prove?.

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    Why would you retire if your fit and healthy and enjoying playing the game

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    As a New England fan it's hard to put into words exactly how I felt during and after the game.

    We looked all at sea on both sides of the ball. Atlanta copied the Giants play book on defense and kept rushing Brady and our defence couldn't stop Matt Ryan and the two running backs.

    But then the second half came about, and this is why Bill Belichick should be remembered as the greatest coach in NFL history. After letting Matt Patricia do his thing for the first Bill took total control after the break and you could see him on the sidelines instructing the linemen and the secondary through photos and video of previous plays. He was seen talking to Daniels, presumably about stopping the pass rush (although Tom was still getting sacked) and giving Brady more time.

    What transpired that second half was stuff of legends. Matt Ryan, the NFL MVP, did next to nothing wrong all game but allowing himself to get sacked and out of field goal range when it was 28-20 will play on his mind for the rest of his life. He throws that ball away and a FG makes it 31-20 and it's goodnight New England, hello Vince Lombardi.

    As for Tom Brady, all the debates of him being the best should not now be entertained. He's won five rings and never in all those five games has he had a Hall of Fame wide receiver, whereas Joe Montana's offence was littered with greats. I'm sure Randy Moss will get the nod in the next couple of years but his contribution in the game against the Giants was minimal. Brady has made his receivers great and he is simply the best there has ever been.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seamus View Post

    Will Brady retire now?. I mean what does he have left to prove?.
    He's got another hand with no rings on it yet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Panja View Post
    He's got another hand with no rings on it yet?
    More wishful thinking really. Might be nice for the Dolphins to have an outside chance of winning the East next year!.

    As you say there can be no doubt now that he is the best of the best................... under inflated balls or not!

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    Deflate gate continues as Tom Brady was allegedly involved in deflating the Falcon

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    I think the best advice you could give to all the other NFL teams and to that hapless twat Roger Good(riddance)ell, is don't make Tom angry. You wouldn't like him when he's angry..

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