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Thread: The Night Of

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    The Night Of

    I watched the first episode last night and I'm already hooked!
    Its all about a young Asian guy in New York who gets invited to a party on the other side of town
    and takes his fathers yellow taxi but on the way a pretty white girl gets in the cab and one thing leads
    to another and they end up back at her place but when he wakes up a few hours later he finds that she has
    been stabbed to death in her bed so he does a runner but is seen by a neighbour who calls the cops and eventually he gets stopped and arrested.
    I don't believe he killed the girl but the question must surely be who did? The knife used in the murder was also left in his cab so has he been set up by someone?

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    Re: The Night Of

    Finished the last episode two nights ago. Epic TV. After watching the first couple of instalments of other TV shows that have turned out to be naff, The Night Of turned out to be a lovely surprise. John Turturro has surely found a niche acting part, he's brilliant here as Nasir's lawyer..

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    Re: The Night Of

    Love John Turturro' lawyer character although he seems more worried about the bad excema skin on his feet right now than helping Nasir!
    Also like the Detective Box.
    Early suspect has to be the dead girls step father?
    Will Nas survive in jail now he has been remanded in custody until his trial?
    It doesn't look good for him.

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    Re: The Night Of

    Haven't you finished it yet? Get with the program Hams, I need to discuss this..

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    Re: The Night Of

    Haven't you finished it yet? Get with the program Hams, I need to discuss this..

    Sorry Panja but i wont cheat and watch it online so you will have to wait for me to see it on Sky Atlantic every Thursday night!

    PS- This new Westworld drama based on the old movie looks like it be worth watching when it comes out in October.

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    Re: The Night Of

    Yeah, Westworld could be a hit, I'll give it a go anyways. Third season of The Affair starts next month. Really enjoyed the first series and the second one was OK but I've got a feeling this'll be a step too far in the dragging it out department..

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    Re: The Night Of

    Episode 3 saw Nas trying to adjust to his new life at Rikers Island prison but he has already upset the jail's top dog and
    refused his help for protection and when he returned from a late night toilet visit found that someone had set his bed on fire!

    His family have also turned down John the lawyer and gone with another woman which is understandable as he has never defended a murder suspect before.

    Are the Police not going to properly investigate this young womans death as surely anyone can see that Nassir Khan didn't do it and he is innocent!!

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    Re: The Night Of

    Quote Originally Posted by Panja
    .....or is he??
    I hope not mate or i will be extremely disappointed.

    On a positive note at least this isn't as hard to follow as the 2nd series of True Detective!

    I'm surprised there is nobody else on the forum here watching The Night of as it deserves to be the drama of the year.

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    Re: The Night Of

    I gave up on the difficult 2nd series of True Detective after three or so episodes. Life's just too short to have to live through that mess.

    The Night Of has been head & shoulders above everything else this year. I'm still loving Ray Donovan but the fourth series hasn't reached the bar that the first three set, yet. Another good series that I'm enjoying is Bloodline. Kyle Chandler (the coach from Friday Night Lights) is very good in this, and of course the third series of The Affair starts in November. I mean, Ruth Wilson, we all would wouldn't we?

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