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Thread: The Night Of

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    Re: The Night Of

    I agree that this series of Ray Donovan wasn't as good as previous seasons and i was getting fed up with that boxer Hector Campos!
    It was still enjoyable though and the finale was quite thrilling what with all those Russian gangsters being taken out.

    Haven't seen bloodline before but i certainly would with Ruth Wilson! Looking forward to Episode 4 of the Night of on Thursday evening.

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    Re: The Night Of

    Ruth is in The Affair, Hams, which also stars Dominic West from The Wire.

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    Re: The Night Of

    Episode 4
    The prosecution offered Nasir a plea bargain of 15 years in jail if he pleaded guilty to the girls murder but when in court he changed his mind at last moment.
    He has also had to accept the offer of help from the prisons top dog after being attacked by other inmates.

    Meanwhile John the lawyer who's Exzema skin is now worse than ever is finally starting to investigate the case although none of the cops believe Khan is innocent.

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    Looking forward to the finale on Thursday, still have no idea Nasir murdered the young girl or not.
    We have another suspect, the Black guy from the funeral parlour plus the victims step father still who has a thing for older women.

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    I was a bit disappointed with the ending which i wont
    reveal but still really enjoyed the whole series and hope they make a 2nd season.
    The Night Of has easily been the best drama on television this year.

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