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Thread: EFL Cup 4th Round-2016/17

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    EFL Cup 4th Round-2016/17

    Tue 25/10/16
    West Ham United 19 : 45 Chelsea
    Arsenal 19 : 45 Reading
    Liverpool 19 : 45 Tottenham Hotspur
    Bristol City 19 : 45 Hull City
    Leeds United 19 : 45 Norwich City
    Newcastle United 19 : 45 Preston North End
    Southampton 19 : 45 Sunderland

    Wed 26/10/16
    Manchester United 20 : 00 Manchester City

    Some cracking ties in round 4 of the EFL cup!
    West Ham v Chelsea,Liverpool v Tottenham and Man Utd v Man City!
    Poor old Jose Mourinho must have been thinking not that Pep Guardiola again!

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    Tue 25/10/16
    Arsenal 19 : 45 Reading
    Liverpool 19 : 45 Tottenham Hotspur
    Bristol City 19 : 45 Hull City
    Leeds United 19 : 45 Norwich City
    Newcastle United 19 : 45 Preston North End

    Wed 26/10/16
    West Ham United 19 : 45 Chelsea
    Southampton 19 : 45 Sunderland
    Manchester United 20 : 00 Manchester City

    Liverpool v Spurs is on Sky on Tues night with Man Utd v City on the Wednesday.

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    I made the pilgrimage to Anfield to watch the inevitable, beating Liverpool away seems to be beyond Spurs, but we did field our fringe players so hey ho. Janssen played up front, I have to say I was a bit disappointed he didn't make more impact against a second string Liverpool defence, but one in the onion bag from the penalty is better than a kick in the teeth.

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    Tue 25/10/16
    Arsenal 2 - 0 Reading
    Liverpool 2 - 1 Tottenham Hotspur
    Bristol City 1 - 2 Hull City
    Leeds United P 2 - 2 Norwich City
    Newcastle United 6 - 0 Preston North End

    Oxlade Chamberlain scored both goals for Arsenal in their win
    against Reading with Daniel Sturridge scoring twice against Tottenham's reserves at Anfield.

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    Decent turn out at Anfield for an EFL game, delighted with some of the young talent
    coming through the ranks, and a useful run out for Sturridge Grujic Wijnaldum Lucas
    Origi and Ings.

    I was also impressed with the kid at CB for Spudz, a touch of the Ledley's about this
    young fella, and for the reds Arnold and Ejaria both had a solid and purposeful outing.

    Spudz traveling fans had a right old giggle over Moreno's new hairstyle, singing 'he's
    got a dead ferret on his head' an observation those in the Kop would have no option
    other than to concur with as he stood out like a fucking Belisha Beacon !
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    Quote Originally Posted by Steely Hill View Post
    Conte talking about playing some of the younger players so I hope we really go at them with ruthless efficiency. no messing about, we can't afford to let these get a foot in the game at all.

    the atmosphere should be lively although I'm pretty sure it will be less than a full house for a variety of reasons but hopefully those in attendance will put a shift in in the same way they'd expect from the players. our league campaign is f*cked already so we really need to have a go at these cups. there is no need to rest players or give fringe players a shot.

    I'm sure the media will have their focus on matters off the pitch though so hopefully there will be enough to enjoy on it to wistfully ignore the sensationalism of 'dark days are back' and 'knuckle draggers' bringing 'shame' on the sport by the same journos that delight in the 'passionate' and 'intense' atmosphere in other stadia in games such as these.

    Journalists have words like 'Aggro and Bovver' to resurrect, words that have been gathering dust under the dense shadow of 70's hooliganism should such opportunities as the game tonight arise !

    Will tomorrow's more predictable rags hark back to the ICF and Chelsea Headhunters days ?

    At least you get a mention fella, spare a thought for the Birmingham Zulus or Aston Villa Hardcore both completely forgotten, Everton's County Road Cutters, Liverpools casuals hardly ever to likely to be revived by a journos pen, not least because its possibly the least threatening title we could have chosen.

    In all seriousness, I hope the game goes without incident away from the pitch and the journalists who are 'in a literal sense' primed for water cannons and tear gas are left bereft of a story.

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    Wed 26/10/16
    West Ham United 2 - 1 Chelsea
    Southampton 1 - 0 Sunderland
    Manchester United 1 - 0 Manchester City

    Sadly there was trouble again at the London stadium with West Ham and Chelsea fans
    squaring up to each other after the game with bottles and seats being thrown at each other
    so it looks like the segregation plan has failed again with stewards and police taking too long to bring the disorder under control.
    The Hammers will ban for life any supporters found guilty of causing violence in statement released by clubs owners.

    Journalists will have a field day with their headlines on Thursday and forget that Irons played well tonight.

    This was a powder keg fixture and trouble was expected but we all saw this coming so we can't be disappointed.

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    Has there been a home game this season where there hasn't been a tear up at West Ham?

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    Fair enough, so how does the fighting within fit into all of it?

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    All I'll say about the violence at the London Stadium is that I hope they do get the culprits and ban them for life. What is this? A desire for a return of the "good old days" in the 1970s and 1980s? Fucking moronic, it is just football chaps, grow up. If groups of fans want to meet up before or after the game a safe distance from the families for a brawl, fine, go ahead. Otherwise it is inevitable that stuff like this is going to happen.

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