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Thread: Forum move to vBulletin

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    Double check your spam guys.

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    Thanks to Hams for sorting out a new password, I was getting a tad uptight at my unsuccessful attempts to move into the new abode and the Cognac bottle was getting a hammering, any road up I'm here and unless I pop my clogs I will try to keep you all informed of the dramas etc that regularly take place at DCFC.

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    Benniemac has managed to login and post ok, Zinc has returned too and I've attached his old avatar to his profile which he should be able to see now.

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    sorry guys ....didnt have time to do any threads for this weekend ...should be back to normal though for next weekend ..

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    Hi all,

    Just to let everyone know vBulletin has removed support for version 4 of it's board so will be looking to do an upgrade to the new version 5 software.

    This has lots of improvments including the ability to run the forum within its own app with notifications coming up on your phone.

    At present doing some testing will let you know closer to the time that the upgrade will commence.


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