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Thread: England v Malta-8th October-Kick Off-5pm

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    England v Malta-8th October-Kick Off-5pm

    England take on Malta at Wembley in Gareth Southgate's first match as interim manager.
    Harry Kane and Adam Lallana are both out injured.
    How many should the 3 Lions score?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hams View Post
    How many should the 3 Lions score?
    Ideally more than Scotland but under the circumstances ill take 2 or 3-0!.

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    It makes me chuckle when we go up against teams like this, a bunch of part timers who would probably struggle to get into a Conference team if they moved to the UK, I've no doubt they find the experience of going to Wembley as exciting as any first time fan. Despite that we wheel out our best pundits to evaluate our chances, and the stadium will be packed with England fans who have parted with serious cash to watch the spectacle. F*cking crazy.
    England 4 Malta 0

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    England team

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    England 2-0 Malta

    3 Lions played well in the first half at Wembley in Southgate's 1st match as interim coach but were poor in the 2nd period
    Man of the match was Henderson,Ali also played well scoring once and could have had a hat trick plus Malta keeper made several saves.

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    Yeah, Malta's best player is definitely the keeper, I'm not going to criticise the home team against a team with no other intention than to defend. Glad it's over with three points in the bag, doesn't matter that we didn't score a load of goals, games like this don't need deep analysis...we won easily enough.

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    Exactly. Not sure why there were a few boos.

    Build up play is still slow though, in fact it was so slow the groundsman could have cut the grass between attacks.

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    I think the boos were for Rooney rather than the whole England team which is fare enough as he was very poor against Malta.

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