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    The new HBO series based on the old 1970's movie was just incredible and already hooked.
    The main stars are Anthony Hopkins and Ed Harris plus several other well known actors from TV
    It was a bit hard at first to workout who were androids and who were human in the wild west town but eventually got it!
    The old cowboy going around killing everyone looks pretty dangerous and although a synth seems to have a mind of his own.

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    The trailer havenīt convinced me but if you say itīs watchable i will give it a chance.
    I donīt know the movie, i havenīt seen it but the trailer remindet me of Cowboys vs. Aliens and John ... (donīt know the last name, the movie where a person travelling time and fighting agains Aliens because he can jump very high)

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    Think I'll give tissue a go myself.

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    In Westworld a host only has to blink out of sequence and they're in for questioning
    and yet in episode six a guest is beaten within an inch of his life at the hands of the
    confederates he's unwittingly just double-crossed and the closing scenes see him
    imploring his partner to help him, now that for me would be a deal breaker if the
    possibility of getting the shit kicked out of you was part of the overall package in
    this so-called 'Utopian holiday experience'. I mean the selling point of the whole
    resort is you can't die and can kill as many hosts as is plausible, you can be evil
    or you can be good. I'm not sure leaving the resort with cracked vertebra and a
    plethora of various contusions would be enough to entice me back !

    I mean for me personally, the show has more glitches than some of the hosts they
    keep dragging in for examinations and I'm struggling with it if I'm honest, I mean
    the parts with Hopkins in are dark and ominous and leave the requisite breadcrumbs
    that point to the plot thickening, but if I'm being honest the rest of the show isn't
    living up to expectations.

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    I'm still not sure what this maze is that the old cowboy Ed Harris is looking for but it looks like he is a guest not one of the hosts.
    That Dolores is pretty hot for a synth though!
    There is still enough going on to keep me interested and still enjoying the show and i would love to go there on holiday for 2 weeks!

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    Loved the latest episode with the revelation that Tech man Bernard was a host working for Anthony Hopkins!

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    Although I loved this show I find it a strange decision to renew it for a second season? I mean, it's been done now hasn't it? You can only have so many rogue hosts before it'll gets a bit repetitive. I suppose the opener of the new series will reveal that Anthony Hopkins was a hologram in that last scene and he's still controlling things from his office in Tucson.

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