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Thread: Slovenia vs England - 11th October-7.45pm

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    Slovenia vs England - 11th October-7.45pm

    Can England make it 3 wins in a row away in Slovenia?
    The good news is that Rooney wont play!

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    1 J. Hart
    5 G. Cahill
    3 D. Rose
    2 K. Walker
    6 J. Stones
    4 J. Henderson
    10 D. Alli
    11 J. Lingard
    8 E. Dier
    7 T. Walcott
    9 D. Sturridge

    Rooney is out and replaced by Dier

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    Well Rooney did play in the second half, but like most of the players on the park today, didn't make much impact. Work commitments meant I was watching the game piecemeal, but I thought England looked like a team taking the opposition far too casually, not enough energy for my money. I suspect the players get a tad bored playing these qualifiers, knowing that qualification is a cert, but I'd expect them to come out first half and kill a team like this in the first 30 minutes, then they can bore everyone with sideways passing for the rest of the game.
    Joe Hart got some pride back by keeping us in the game with some brilliant saves, which were needed due to some horrendously sloppy defending by the England team. Still, not a disaster, top of the group and Scotland next - a great time to play them if Strachan is still in charge, his time has come to an end..3-0 Slovakia

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    Slovenia 0-0 England

    I had the misfortune to watch the whole game and feel for the almost 2,000 England fans who traveled there.
    Had it not been for Joe Hart who was man of the match we could easily have lost this game to Slovenia on Tuesday night.

    We haven't improved at all since the Euros and could do with some more experience in the side as we have too many kids.

    I was surprised that Walcott started again as he was rubbish in this game and offered nothing and Sturridge was poor also.
    At least the Jocks shouldn't give us too much trouble in November!

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    Virtually everything Henderson attempted to do last night failed! I don't think it helped to
    play Dier as his midfield partner, who was equally as hapless, but I suppose the team is
    still at the experimental stage under Southgate.

    Nevertheless, there needs to be at least a semblance of understanding between the players
    and last nights mix offered no cohesion, no fluidity and certainly no invention.

    Southgate's substitutions were neither tactically astute or effective and he needs to decide
    who will be his DM as playing two on the same pitch negates the effectiveness of both.

    When Henderson starts for Liverpool he interchanges almost seamlessly with Wjinaldum
    allowing one to press the ball whilst the other drops back to shield the back four and with
    so many attacking players willing to defend from the front it limits the danger of the counter

    England will never do this whilst Sturridge plays up front, yes he's a talented striker, but he
    lacks the fight and application to be a brilliant one !

    I listened to Gigg's positively eulogising over the movement of Lingard after the Malta game
    and I couldn't believe how a pundit could lavish so much praise on a player that failed to find
    the back of the net against a team largely consisting of farmers and train drivers.

    Sturridge doesn't defend from the front and neither does Walcott, so that largely leaves the
    team two defensive players short against the strong pressing game that Slovenia have adopted
    for their last few games, which beggars the question do England actually research their opponents
    before taking to the pitch ?

    I agree with Steely completely laughable.
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    Sadly, even when Rooney was dropped we still performed the same.

    I also heard today that since Hodgson England have had 6 different captains...

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