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Thread: Ballon d'Or/FIFA Awards 2016

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    Ballon d'Or/FIFA Awards 2016


    Sergio Aguero (Manchester City),
    Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (Borussia Dortmund),
    Gareth Bale (Real Madrid),
    Gianluigi Buffon (Juventus),
    Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid),
    Kevin de Bruyne (Manchester City),
    Paulo Dybala (Juventus),
    Diego Godin (Atletico Madrid),
    Antoine Griezmann (Atletico Madrid),
    Gonzalo Higuain (Juventus),
    Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Manchester United),
    Andres Iniesta (Barcelona),
    Koke (Atletico Madrid),
    Toni Kroos (Real Madrid),
    Robert Lewandowski (Bayern Munich),
    Hugo Lloris (Tottenham Hotspur),
    Riyad Mahrez (Leicester City),
    Lionel Messi (Barcelona),
    Luka Modric (Real Madrid),
    Thomas Muller (Bayern Munich),
    Manuel Neuer (Bayern Munich),
    Neymar (Barcelona),
    Dimitri Payet (West Ham),
    Pepe (Real Madrid),
    Paul Pogba (Manchester United),
    Rui Patricio (Sporting Lisbon),
    Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid),
    Luis Suarez (Barcelona),
    Jamie Vardy (Leicester City),
    Arturo Vidal (Bayern Munich).

    Jamie Vardy!
    Arsenal fans are having a melt down on social media that Mesut Ozil isn't on the list but why should he be?

    Ronaldo should win it for winning Euros with Portugal and CL with Real Madrid.


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    Once again Liam Boyce cruelly overlooked.

    Ronnie will probably win it simply for the success he has had this year. Messi on the other hand was done for tax evasion so i don't fancy his chances much!.

    Surprised that Ibs and Pogba are on the shortlist but not De Gea?.

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    Why do they need 30 players?
    Is it really such an honor to be on that list?
    For me half of that players shouldn´t be on this shortlist.
    They only take Players to fill up that shortlist, 5 Players are enough.
    Everybody knows that there are only two Players who can win.

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    Messi or suarez deserve it with ronaldo third. Messi won the league and cup double and the league proves the best team over the year whereas the champions league you can get an easy draw like real did. Ronaldo may have won the euros but it was Portugal defense that won it for them whereas messi got Argentina to the copa final. Also messi and suarez have started this season better

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    Messi played well all copa America and he was Argentinas best player in the final. It was some of his other attacking teammates that didn't show up. Ronaldo had a couple of decent games in the euros and had nothing to do with the final win really. And yes real had an easy route to the champions league final and even if you consider a poor city team tough he didn't play well in both legs of the semis and ronaldo didn't exactly have a good final against atletico. Messi won the league and scored home and away against atletico which in the end went a long way to winning them the league and two brilliant assists in the copa del rey final. Look i think ronaldo had a good year but I think messi played better in more matches and bigger matches. Anyway even if ronaldo wins it he is still not the better player. Messi is the better all round footballer. By the way I think suarez deserves it more than ronaldo based on big game performances

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    Well Venezuela are as good as Wales anyway. My point is he had a consistent tournament no matter who he played. Remember ronaldo also missed an important spot kick in the group stage which would have meant elimination if group qualifying wasn't so easy this time with 3 Rd place getting in. And messi did play in that first leg they won. The reason barca lost that was down to the three front men just coming back from south American world cup qualifiers and looking pretty tired. Anyway just look at Argentina in the last few games without messi and you will see he is Argentinas most important player and they would not have gotten to so many finals in the last few years

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    I personally have no problem with ronaldo. I think he is a fantastic player mainly for his goalscoring ability. I do think the messi ronaldo rivalry creates the derision from messi fans and vice versa. Deep down I think most respect him and think he is a great player. What does annoy me is that alot of the ronaldo fans don't really understand the game. They probably come from countries who have just got into football and go by commercialism rather than understanding what a great all round footballer is. In my opinion and most neutrals messi is the better all round footballer. People who don't just judge on goals but judge on other things like passing vision creativity teamplay and so on see that

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    If Michael Owen can win this, then so can a player who propelled his team to the title
    with a phenomenal run of goalscoring ! If we can't afford players who have truly
    pissed all over the rule books the merit for what is a remarkable achievement then the
    award loses all credibility every time it's doled out to the established and predictable few
    whilst ignoring the personal performances that inspired a sensational season from one of
    football's lesser lights !

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    Ronaldo will win it but if you ask me he wasnt even top three player during the year. He won CL and euros but Modric was more imortant player for Real Madrid than Ronaldo was and you could argue that Pepe was portugals best player.

    Now if you ask me who should win it i dont know. Messi and Suarez were propably best players however i not saying they should win it over Ronaldo.

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    As expected Ronaldo has won the Ballon d'Or award for 2016 with Messi 2nd and Griezmann 3rd.

    This trophy was voted for by 173 journalists around the world.

    Fifa will hand out its own prize for the world's best men's player,
    along with the best women's player and team of the year, at the
    Best Fifa Football Awards ceremony in Zurich on 9 January.

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