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Thread: WC-England v Scotland-11th November-7.45pm

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    WC-England v Scotland-11th November-7.45pm

    England take on the old enemy Scotland in this crucial WC qualifier at Wembley
    Both countries will defy FIFA by wearing poppies on their shirts to remember our war dead.

    The 3 Lions should be favourites to win this but no doubt the Scots will raise their game and make it difficult.
    Any predictions?

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    Its one of those occasions where you just don't know. England are under new management (again!) and has not been inspiring recently, Scotland have been awful but they might just spring a surprise. If they do, I am hiding under the bed until next year!.

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    So Rooney is back again, whoop de do, that'll put the fear of god into the Jocks. Really this should be a comfortable win for England, our players are far better than the Scottish players, and just lately Strachan's honeymoon has turned ugly. Some of his selections have been questioned, there are some pundits saying they think he has lost his desire to do the job, let's face it the form has been pretty poor. Southgate can forget about making the job permanent if he doesn't get a win here. England 2 Scotland 0.

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    The Jocks sorry i mean Scottish have arrived in their thousands for tonights match against England.

    Even with Rooney in the team we should beat this lot comfortably, if we dont Southgate wont remain as manager.

    3-0 is my prediction.

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    England 3-0 Scotland
    1-0 Sturridge 24'
    2-0 Lallana 50'
    3-0 Cahill 61'

    England were very poor in 1st half but then improved in 2nd period with Lallana once again having a good game and scoring
    It might look like a comfortable win but it was far from it.

    Scotland played a very high pressing game and made the 3 Lions defence very uneasy all night and on another day might have
    even gone away with a draw but they missed their chances and i don't see Strachan being in charge when we meet again next year.

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    Apparently Nicola Sturgeon says she doesn't accept the result of the England v Scotland match.

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    I cant bring myself to whinge about a 3-0 England victory against Scotland at Wembley, who cares if we didn't play well? It's a qualifier in a group we could probably play Championship players only in and still go through. Such is the negativity of some England fans that if the team had beaten the Jocks 6-0 playing scintillating football the cry would have been "yeah, alright showboating in the qualifiers against weak opposition, but come the tournament we'll be lucky to scrape through the group usual". I'd like to respectfully suggest such fans bugger off and do something else to bring happiness in their grey and negative existence on the planet, or just do the decent thing and free up some space for a more positive human being.

    Pleased to see Rose and Walker put in a couple of assists btw!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steely Hill View Post
    I wasn't aware this game was occurring until I saw it pop up on the news the next day.
    Bleedin' armchair fair weather fans...

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