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Thread: Champions League - Round of 16 - 2016/17

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    Champions League - Round of 16 - 2016/17

    1st legs

    Tue 14/02/17
    Benfica 19 : 45 Borussia Dortmund
    PSG 19 : 45 Barcelona

    Wed 15/02/17
    Real Madrid 19 : 45 Napoli
    Bayern München 19 : 45 Arsenal

    Tue 21/02/17
    Manchester City 19 : 45 Monaco
    Bayer Leverkusen 19 : 45 Atlético Madrid

    Wed 22/02/17
    Porto 19 : 45 Juventus
    Sevilla 19 : 45 Leicester City

    2nd Legs

    Tue 07/03/17
    Napoli 19 : 45 Real Madrid
    Arsenal 19 : 45 Bayern München

    Wed 08/03/17
    Borussia Dortmund 19 : 45 Benfica
    Barcelona 19 : 45 PSG

    Tue 14/03/17
    Juventus 19 : 45 Porto
    Leicester City 19 : 45 Sevilla

    Wed 15/03/17
    Monaco 19 : 45 Manchester City
    Atlético Madrid 19 : 45 Bayer Leverkusen

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    And for some reasons I'd like to believe that Leicester City could boost their Champions League run, they may not be performing well with their league but I pity them and wanting them to make a noise like what they did last season in the Premier League.

    For Bayern Munich for me Carlo Ancelotti is having a hard time replicating what Pep Guardiola have done to his former team, tho it wont always be an easy win with the Bundesliga team, but I see Arsenal fighting back a revenge of 2013-14 UCL

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    Tue 14/02/17
    Benfica 19 : 45 Borussia Dortmund
    PSG 19 : 45 Barcelona

    Wed 15/02/17
    Real Madrid 19 : 45 Napoli
    Bayern München 19 : 45 Arsenal

    Any comments or predictions for next weeks games?

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    Benfica 2 Dortmund 3
    Psg 4 Barcelona 2
    Real Madrid 2 Napoli 0
    Bayern 1 Arsenal 2
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    Benfica 1 - 0 Borussia Dortmund
    PSG 4 - 0 Barcelona

    What a performance from PSG tonight at the Parc des Princes stadium!
    It was a well deserved victory and they could even have scored more than 4 times.

    This was the worst i have seen Barcelona play for many years and there is no way back.
    This was also one of their worst ever results in European football and Messi had his poorest ever game.

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    Well that was shambolic from barca. Only neymar turned up tonight. Barca were overrun in midfield and the defence were all over the place. It didn't help that iniesta and busquets were just back from injury. I think he should have only played one of them from the start coz it's too big of a game for a first start after injury. Also some bad buys in the summer. Should have saved the money they spent on gomes and umtiti and bought verratti who I've been seen saying they should have bought when xavi left. Saying all that psg were very good tonight

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    Probably the best reffed Barca game i have ever seen in the champions league ,and i have watched every game since Arsenal went to the final.
    There comes a time when even suspect reffing won't bail this team out and we are there today in this era of Barcelona football club.
    They looked out of sorts ,because PSG made them look like that. They absolutely swarmed the midfield and gave Barca no time on the ball. The little stupid calls Barca usually get for minimal contact never materialized as in previous games and that for me was the deciding factor.
    I am under no illusion that the next ref the Spanish side gets won't be as neutral ,but it was breath of fresh air to see tis man go about his business.
    It should have been 6-0 at least for me as PSG made some poor decisions at the finish of some moves .
    I expect Barca to come out firing for the opening whistle in the next leg ,but if they come back for this with a ref that anywhere near fair i will have to say it will be one of ether greatest achievements because PSG looked very good today and full of confidence.
    The young defender back there for PSG Kimpembe looked good but Munier was huge ,also Rabiot making some big tackles in the middle .

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    What are you on about specnur. When barca are on form they are another sharper on the ball and most teams end up fouling them and the refs get it right. Tonight barca were not sharp and I didn't see any fouls other than a couple that should have gone neymar way. The psg team were just able to get a toe in whereas usually the ball would have been gone if barca were themselves

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    pretty sad with the Borussia Dortmund game.. it was very similar to their recent games.. they should have won this 4 or 5-0, but they wasted all their chances so badly, it was very hard to watch.... especially Aubameyang had one of the unluckiest days for a striker that I have ever seen....

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    Dortmund also missed a penalty too Simply! They should win the 2nd leg though and the tie.

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