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Thread: Now then (part 2 in a series of forgotten passwords..)

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    ah nice one, good luck to him. great to hear he's finally living the dream!

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    stokies looking for a home
    he has just found me on twatter and asking where we are

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    if he decides to set up an account, tell him to let either me or Hams know and we'll make sure he's activated asap.

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    Nice one.

    Did you have any luck with Oz and JAxe?

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    The good ship BFF is back up on a new server

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    Quote Originally Posted by 7eric7 View Post
    The good ship BFF is back up on a new server
    Doesn't look that great to be fair Eric.

    Use it to get them all over here

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    Looks like Heffers has got it back up and running properly, as in you can log in and post, personally I'm going to try and post in both.

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    Fair enough. hope you are able to stick around though chaps.

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