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Thread: Zola Out!!

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    Zola Out!!

    How does this comedian keep getting jobs managing football teams? Four clubs, four abject failures, and then the BCFC board of Directors still decide that sacking Rowett and bringing in someone whose CV reads like a disaster movie is a good idea?

    He's overseen nine games thus far, four draws and five defeats, he's broke all kinds of records that had been held since 1889 for the worst start by a new manager.

    I'm not happy is what I'm trying to say loike..

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    It certainly was a crazy decision by Birmingham's owners to
    sack Gary Rowett who had been doing very well and with a bit of
    luck could even have got the Blues in the play offs and who knows maybe even the PL.
    Zola was a brilliant player and seems like a lovely man but isn't cut out to be a manager.
    I think many neutrals hope City fail due to the disgraceful way Rowett was treated.

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    And so it goes on. Reading hadn't kept a clean sheet away from home for three months and had leaked 26 goals in the last 13, and yet they kept us at bay with little or no bother.

    No win ten now for the Italian. I'm now expecting a Scooby Doo moment where Zola rips off his mask to reveal Lee Clark..

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    "I would have got away with it if it wasn't for those pesky results"

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    One of the ten was against Newcastle in the cup. Admittedly we made four changes that day (Zola didn't know his best eleven then anyway) but Newcastle made ten changes, three of which were from the U13 squad.

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    the GR sacking was a tad bizarre tbqh

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    New owners is the only explanation. They may have looked at GR's past dealings in the January market and thought he wasn't the man to trust to spend the 10mil the board were promising.

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    was that it?
    and they want to move a club forward of that size with a catchment area of Brum on 10M!!!!
    that is pitiful and shows lack of ambition

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