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Thread: Embedded Tweets

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    Embedded Tweets

    For those of you who use Twitter, I've added a new function to embed a tweet like a video or an image etc..

    Here's how to do it...

    To get the Tweet URL, go to a tweet on Twitter, click on the 3 dots icon below the tweet, choose "Copy link to Tweet" and then copy the URL like this:

    Enter code:

    [ tweet ]826567961775374338[/tweet]

    The display on the forum..

    Now, obviously without the spaces in [tweet] like using the quote function. You also only need the number code in the URL.

    I hope this makes sense? If not, you can just ask me.

    This should bring us down with the kids!


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    Also... if you would like to add a 'gif' just Google the gif you want and add the URL in the image code: [IMG]...gif URL...[/IMG]

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