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Thread: Avatars

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    In order for your avatar (the picture under your name) to be shown you have to have made 25 posts on the forum.

    To upload an avatar go to your profile page and look at the options to do so at the bottom of the page.

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    About time this was a here - and a sticky too ,

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    Newbies will still ask time & time again in the newcomers section.

    The forum is too cluttered and big to go around hunting for information threads. ,

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    That's why Mr D asked us to get rid of too many stickies - but when you keep getting the same questions all the time, you have to do something ,

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    Anyone know how I can make my avatar bigger?
    Every time I upload on to Image Shack it just ends up being really small

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    Your avatar is the full width dude.

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    Damn, so how did you get your avatar as long as that?

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    You can resize it on imageshack, its an option on the upload page...

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    I know, but whenever I do it none of the links to upload it onto here work and i have to end up using the little picture that comes up at the bottom when you upload it onto image shack.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave13
    Damn, so how did you get your avatar as long as that?
    Your avatar width of Gerrard there is 150, that's the max. It's the exact same as mine.

    But mine is longer, because it's a longer picture. If you have a longer version of that picture with the same 150px width, then you can use it. If you want, link me to the image and I'll resize it for you.

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