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Thread: Frank Lampard calls it a day

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    Frank Lampard calls it a day

    Frank Lampard has decided to retire and call it a day.

    The former England international finished his career with Chelsea
    as their all time top scorer before a short spell with Man City and NY.
    He is still disliked though by most West Ham fans for quitting to join the Blues.
    The Hammers have so far failed to give any sort of tribute on social media.

    He played 106 times for his country scoring 29 times but never in a World cup finals.
    Should we regard him as a PL legend?

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    He scored some cracking deflected goals that's for sure.

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    something to cherished about his retirement, I can recall how I was deeply saddened with his move to MLS, where I was wishing he could go back to Chelsea, but I think his time has come to hang up his boots

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    A fine player. The midfielder that could conjure up magic when needed to turn things round in that 'not quite as good as Steven Gerrard' way!.

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    Well i have no love for the man or his over inflated record .

    In the reality things he should have never been nominated as Chelsea penalty taker which is how he amassed a great deal of his goal tally ,because Drogba was superior by far .
    He only got the job because he was English. When you have a foreign manager ,working with a primarily foreign team in England you have to play smart politics to appease the crowd . Lampard as well as many others have benefitted for this big time. It's nothing to do with how has the best ability for the job or else Drogba would have taken every penalty.

    I had to give Lampard a lot of credit for the season he had the year his mother died ,because it stood out to me as a very good performance that year .Nothing embellished ,just a good solid hard working season with goals of great importance. But that was a rarity and not the norm.

    Yep no love for the bloke at all especailly after that outrageous decision of his to snatch the ball out of Drogba's hands to take a penalty ,when Drgba superior record to his ,was a goal away form sealing the golden boot . The absolute audacity and in all honesty outright sense of privilege Lampard showed in that will never be forgotten. The mug missed 3 of his last 4 penalties up until that game ffs and he's going to deny the most important player in Chelsea's history his golden boot.
    Disgusting bloke !

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