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Thread: Europa League - Round of 32 - 1st Legs - 16th February

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    Wouldn't disagree Hams, poor display tonight and the squad could be better.
    He's magic you kno-oow, Mauricio Poch-ett-ino!

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    Surprising victory from Roma over Villarreal (0-4, away). Didn't watch the game, I don't know what happened...
    Raķl GonzŠlez Over 400 career goals, 3 UCL, 6 La Liga, Top scorer in history of UCL and Spain's national team for a decade, captain of one of the best generations of players in Real Madrid history.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pickleman1967 View Post
    Well swings and roundabouts Specs, bringing on subs in a game where you are struggling is sometimes the key to opening up the opposition as the new players bring different problems, different movement (in theory). Just weren't at it today - every team has a bad patch in a season, hoping we are through ours now and the game against Fulham wont be as painful as the last two!
    Well i guess that really depends on who Poch runs out against Fulham. If he rest a number of players which i think he may for league duties you could be in for a surprise . I honestly doubt it ,but sometimes these English teams find motivation when you least expect it no matter what division they are in.

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    what a show from Ibrakadibra

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simply View Post
    what a show from Ibrakadibra
    He sounds like a magician?!

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    2nd Legs
    Saint-…tienne 17 : 00 Manchester United
    FenerbahÁe 17 : 00 Krasnodar
    Schalke 04 17 : 00 PAOK

    Man Utd play in France tonight not on Thursday.
    The reason is that Lyon are playing at home tomorrow and Saint Etienne are rivals.
    They both can't play on the same day.

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