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Thread: Joe Root

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    Joe Root

    Labelled by Sir Geoffrey when a teenager as a future England captain.

    Reckon it looks like he may have had a point.

    Give him the captaincy in the test and one day teams and ask him to drop out of the T20 team.

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    I also think Joe Root will make an excellent Test captain to replace Cook who will continue playing.

    Next up is a tour of West Indies.

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    definite captain material
    but i would have been a lot happier if cook would have stayed on for a couple more tests and stood with him as a sort of mentor

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    Joe Root has been confirmed as new England Test captain.

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    I'm not sure about this. I'm glad Cook has stood down as he captain's by the book, and I'm pleased he's staying on as an opener as his average should pick up again now he doesn't have the responsibility of leading his team, but that responsibility has now befallen on Joe's young shoulders and it doesn't always sit well.

    I wish him all the best but if it doesn't work and his batting suffers then we may have to look at alternatives, like Jos Buttler..

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    I reckon Butler will have to play more red ball cricket to even be in consideration to get into the team never mind as captain, he's not going to the IPL is he, I'm assuming he wasn't in the ballot so will he be playing for Lancashire.

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    Not sure, but I think he should be in the test team as keeper and let Bluey play gloves free (well, the big webbed ones anyway) at five.

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