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Thread: 1st Leg-Bayern v Arsenal-15th Feb-7.45pm

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    Footballing schooling year - 7.

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    Being turned inside and out as per.

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    well Bayern came out bossing the first 15 minutes but then got punished for not scoring enough in that phase and Arsenal caught a grip on this game now..

    I guess specnur you are pretty happy with these refs though

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    Was waiting for Pokerkings to make an appearance! Dear oh dear oh dear.....

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    Its now 4-1
    Bayern are ripping Arsenal apart in this second half!

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    Ospina has great reactions but when you're getting abused like this, he's got no chance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by benniemac1986 View Post
    Was waiting for Pokerkings to make an appearance! Dear oh dear oh dear.....

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    ok well.. seems like Arsenal gave up again.. it's a pretty weird game to be honest..

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    As I've said for the past 80000 years. Wenger hasn't got what it takes.

    Another schooling in football by ex-England manger Ancelotti, eh Specs?

    Speaking of which, Specnur has yet again been made to look a complete and utter clown. What an embarrassment.

    When Bayern come to the Emirates pissing themselves in their under armor pants, laughing at us and relaxed as hell, we might claw a win which will mean nothing but a last 16 exit for the 7th year in a row. Specs will celebrate like Arsenal have just won the World Cup claiming Wenger showed a fight back. That's how far backwards this club has gone under delusional fans.

    Stupid, clueless fans believing Arsene has what it takes.

    The sooner this fraud is found out by the slow people the better.

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