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Thread: 1st Leg-Bayern v Arsenal-15th Feb-7.45pm

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steely Hill View Post
    hilarious stuff, absolutely hilarious.

    how many first leg catastrophies is that now?
    I guess you'd have to be in it to understand ,eh mate!
    Ask your owners if they'd like to be in the last 16 of the champions league ?
    Not saying that should be anyone's goal because it never is and anyone who thinks that are lying to you and themselves .

    The thing is we got well and truly battered and rightfully so with then players that Wenger put out there for this game .
    I knew it when i saw the line up ,not 5-1 , but very much a loss for us .

    I really do not understand why Wenger went with that team ,it makes absolutely no sense at all to me and if anyone has a link too him explaining that please forward it . It really does defy logic .I'm a big Wenger fan ,his record is unmatched by any manager in this league ,but he has year by year had me scratching my head more and more with his decisions and i think this has to be one of the worst in his career as a manager .

    I don't see many of the other losses being a catastrophe like you do ,this one however is very much so .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simply View Post
    I just read that Coquelin didn't make a single tackle in this game and barely made it to double digits in pass attempts. What's your opinion on that specs?
    My opinion is this and always has been ,he has stopped more counter attacks without touching the ball than anyone else i have seen in our league.
    If he tracks back and makes himself an obstacle ,if players opponents with the ball would rather go backwards or sideway than take him on he has done a job for the team . That is one of those nuances that stats don't tell you, and that excitable young fans such as yourself often seem to miss . Again Coq ,wrongfully in tis case was subbed off early. usually i have agreed with the times he has been subbed off because it has always been fro a more of an attacking option .This time however he had more of an attacking presence than Xhaka and definitely more of a defensive presence ,so the subbing off was wrong however way you look at it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pickleman1967 View Post
    Speaking of which... Not sure why Arsenal tend to attract more ridicule than most when it comes to these kind of performances, this is the BBC ffs! I think Arsenal Fan TV might be partly to blame because they portray caricatures of the typical angry/depressed Gooner, we all like to laugh at. I liked the Trump one in the video though!
    They attract more ridicule because Wenger at one point in his career was seen to be the best in the game when he won the title without a loss all season. When you do that and then not select a single Englishman for your entire line up (not even the bench) its not something pole like that soon forget .
    The only reason the ire had died down a bit in recent years is because he was the only manager in the top 4 bringing through young English talent worth talking about.
    However now ,probably a slow press day ,no league football for a while they got to write something and a 5-1 drubbing of one of his teams is as good a story to try and rinse out as any.
    I expect it to be honest .
    regarding Ozil though , that player needs to be shopped out simple as that .
    I had high hopes for him once he started playing for an entire game and his input would have been incredibly important to any success we could expect ,but he's regressed back into a rodent like demeanor .
    I just hope he can snap out of it and give us more ,but he's not the only problem here. Because he is so instrumental in our attack when we play our best ,he is going to be criticized . He got to deal with that ,if he's not playing well. Blaming him for this loss is not proper though for me ,you got to put the blame firmly on the shoulder of Wenger for selecting him being off form and other players like Xhaka who has never impressed me at all.

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    Loving Wenger's spin. He says he's managed more European Cup games at Arsenal than they previously played in their entire history.

    1) This is a complete disrespect he has towards the fans and the club despite what he says about putting the club first. He makes it about himself.

    2) Before the stupid mug came, you had to win the league to qualify for the Champions League, making his ridiculous claim redundant. Under old rules, Wenger would have qualified for the European Cup 3 times in 20 years. There's why his argument is total shit.

    By saying he'll manage next season he's putting the club in a position where they'd say he's been sacked which they don't want to do. This is the kind of underhanded tactics he uses.

    He says his future isn't important, what's more important is Arsenal. But, what he fails to realise is the both goes hand in hand. What happens with him happens to Arsenal.

    He says that getting rid of him doesn't mean Arsenal win every game. No, but George Graham won 6 trophies in 8 years at the club. Wenger was a poor man nobody in Japan before Arsenal took him on. Arsenal will continue to be a great club regardless of who's the manager. This is what he fails to understand.

    As for Specs - I've told him countless times that it was Chelsea who was the first English team to ever field a team complete of foreign players. Since then they have gone on to win the league God knows how many times, the F.A Cup, the League Cup, The Champions League, The Europa League, just about every single cup competition you can win. Where was their victimisation? This is where is shit doesn't stack up as per usual. Excuses, excuses!! I also told Specs that Ancelotti would be my choice to replace Wenger before he moved to Bayern Munich, Specnur laughed at me and told me after what Ancelotti did at the helm of England he wasn't good enough. That's the level of credibility he should be dealt with.

    Anyway, Wenger was spent 9 years ago. F**k the memories. He lost the privilege of being a club great a long long time ago and has burnt anything yout could call a legacy.

    I'm so angry right now I can't put it into anymore words, I've had enough of this charlatan. He hangs around like a disgusting smell, sucking the club on 8.9 million like a politician who talks utter nonsense and has run out of ideas.

    He deserves the humiliation because he's brought it on himself. I only hope it gets worse from here on.

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    And they never saw Specnur in this thread..... ever.....ever....again.....

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