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Thread: Koeman to Barcelona?/Enrique out

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steely Hill View Post

    you know what, that would be hilarious for so many reasons.
    Not sure why that is such stretch to be honest .
    That team poached more players off him than any team has patched off one team in history .
    If the Barcelona club understand like i do the massive advantage they had over all English clubs ,then Wenger is no brainer .
    They will understand that to do what he has done in this league playing the football ,dodging the nationalistic core of football at the same time ,he has done an impeccable job.
    Managing for him in La liga will be a doddle ,plenty of rest for players ,less competitive league .Walk in the park.
    I would actually like Wenger to go to a French club as he will have more freedom signing players ,if you know what i mean !

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    How would Wenger do to La liga what he did to PL. Buying foreign footballers and telling players half time beer doesn't give you a boost would not help Barcelona much.
    I already pondered this in the Wenger thread but it would be very different job as they want instant success. No projects and nurturing players.The league is less competitive but their main rivals aren't which means winner propably needs more points than in England and playing 1st team in every match is necessary when being pretty much tied to Real Madrid whole season who also can go unbeaten in 30 games or so.

    It would be hilarious though. And very interesting to see how we would do. I'm not saying he would fail. But nothing in recent history makes me as confident as you about him.

    Funny thing is i just saw some Real Madrid fans talking about Wenger possibly being there next season.

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    Wenger to Barcelona would be the funniest 6 months in football.

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    Ex Athletic Bilbao coach Ernesto Valverde is
    favourite to be the next Barcelona manager.

    He will try to sign Ander Herrera from Man Utd in summer.

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