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Thread: FA Cup Quarter Finals - 2016/17

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    FA Cup Quarter Finals - 2016/17

    Chelsea v Man Utd

    Middlesbrough v Man City

    Tottenham v Millwall

    Arsenal v Lincoln

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    Lucky Arsenal get another easy home tie in the FA Cup!

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    Pleased to see the BBC will be televising the tasty ties in the quarter finals. BT Sport will be televising the boring and predictable unequal matches between Arsenal vs Lincoln and Middlesbrough vs Man City (face facts Huddersfield fans).
    He's magic you kno-oow, Mauricio Poch-ett-ino!

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    So United on the telly again, cue piss boiling all over the country

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    Sat 11/03/17
    Middlesbrough 12 : 15 Manchester City
    Arsenal 17 : 30 Lincoln City

    Sun 12/03/17
    Tottenham Hotspur 14 : 00 Millwall

    Mon 13/03/17
    Chelsea 19 : 45 Manchester United

    Boro v City and Arsenal v Lincoln will both be live
    on BT Sport on the Saturday.
    Tottenham v Millwall and the big one Chelsea v Man Utd
    are both on BBC1 on Sun and Monday.

    There are now no replays due to recent rule changes in FA Cup.

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    Gah, couldn't get a ticket for the Millwall game, bound to be an entertaining feisty affair, The Lions are actually in a good run of form at the moment (know why they are called The Lions? The club was started by Scottish factory workers, they chose dark blue and white for the strip (like Scotland) and "The Lions" name comes from the Lion Rampant. Yeah, Professor Pickle is a mine of fascinating facts, but I digress...) so I expect them to give us a proper game. Fully expecting Poch to put out our strongest team for this, the only trophy left we have a realistic chance of winning. Tottenham 2 Millwall 1

    As for Chelsea vs Man Utd, I fancy Chelsea to leave Mourinho with a sour look on his face. No doubt he'll get a warm reception from the home fans, but I think Conte might just be better at making a Mourinho team than Mourinho is.

    Chelsea 2 Man Utd 0

    As for the other two games (well done BT Sport, you bagged the best games again ), the PL teams will go through, of course they will.
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    Sat 11/03/17
    Middlesbrough 0-2 Manchester City

    Easy win for City today.
    I don't think Boro had a serious effort on target all game.

    Up next is Arsenal v Lincoln.
    Come on you Imps!

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    Lincoln with obvious strategy from the start to try and get one of our players sent off , and the ref seems to be complying with them.
    First mug in the book for us legitimately so ...........XHAKA.
    Even against this lot the player is a liability.
    Deserved goal just before the half ,but tis non league side has shown how competitive football is in our country from the top to the very bottom.
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    Sat 11/03/17
    Arsenal 5-0 Lincoln City

    Lincoln managed to compete in
    1st half but were no match for the Gunners
    in the 2nd period who stepped things up.
    Well done to the Imps though for getting this
    far and we will see them back in Football League next year.

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    Utterly predictable and utterly boring results, in terms of interest it all happens on Sunday and Monday. COYS!
    He's magic you kno-oow, Mauricio Poch-ett-ino!

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