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Thread: 2nd Leg-Bayern v Arsenal-7th March-7.45pm

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    2nd Leg-Bayern v Arsenal-7th March-7.45pm

    Thought I'd start this thread to see if anyone wants my Bayern Munich ticket. 100. I'll give you the cash when you pick up the ticket.

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    I think you'd be lucky to get 10 for that ticket
    Pokers the way Arsenal are playing at the moment.
    (unless their is a Bayern Munich who wants to go to the game)

    It looks like there is big feud going on between Sanchez
    and Wenger after the Chile forward had a massive go at his flop
    team mates after the 5-1 defeat in Germany which Arsene didn't
    like and I'm told is reason why he was dropped for Liverpool match.

    I imagine that Ozil will bottle it for this game too and Sanchez will remain on bench.

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    You might want to read my first post again Hams

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pokerkings View Post

    You might want to read my first post again Hams
    I see!
    I still wouldn't want to go even if you're giving away 100 quid.

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    Whatever helps pile the pressure on that fruit of the loon.

    Seriously though, I expect Arsenal to win the game. Bayern as before and Barcelona will roll knowing they've already progressed through. The embarrassing part is when the Wenger followers believe we'very shown courage with a fight back..

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    No Ozil for this game, and a decision still to be made whether Sanchez plays, could make this already difficult tie even more difficult for Arsenal. On the plus side Mertesacker could be back!
    Seriously, stranger things have happened in football, if Arsenal go in at half time 2-0 up a tie from hell suddenly looks negotiable. Still, cant see Bayern not creating chances and nicking a goal, one of those games where BT Sport will have to work hard to generate any sort of tension and interest. I'm sure it will all come back to talk about Wenger's future.

    Arsenal 2 Bayern 1
    He's magic you kno-oow, Mauricio Poch-ett-ino!

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    well.. Bayern obviously didn't even take it seriously, but Arsenal still got trashed

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    I think this is it guys.....I can almost smell a resignation letter being written up in Calibri font size 11.

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    I also really think this is an obvious timing for a manager change

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    just look at the scorelines.. Real Madrid wins 3-1 against Napoli and Bayern wins 5-1 against Arsenal.. no wonder I got suspicious while watching these games.. they just showed us the replays from the first leg and we fell for it! This has to be the biggest Uefa scandal ever

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