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Thread: 2nd Leg-Bayern v Arsenal-7th March-7.45pm

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    Thought arsenal played very well in the first half but I think a good bit of that was the lack of pressure on them. They deserved at least a draw from that performance before the sending off.

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    lol they earned nothing in my opinion.. they shot all their powder in the first half against a team that obviously didn't gave a sh** about this match .. and gave up again when Bayern equalized.... All they deserve is to play Euro League next season and getting a new manager.

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    Well i'm glad that's over that for sure .
    As soon as Koscielny went off i knew we would fall apart , if Wenger needed any more of indication his back line needs work then you won't get better than this game.
    He came out with no choice but for an all out attack line up and they did well ,but as Eaman said above i think it was more of a case of Bayern not really needing to score . That being said i think BAyern's passing quality when we did have 11 men was down to us pressuring them ,because it was atrocious .
    I just knew we couldn't keep them off the score sheet ,which is why we had no chance. I think with 11 players working their asses off also made us look better than we did on the first leg . It just really infuriates me what Wenger has done in this series ,because i know we have the players to beta them ,but playing Iwobi and Xhaka in that first leg and with Ozil invisible we got the battering we deserved with that line up.
    Nothing worse than that for me it was this poor judgement plain and simple.

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    Was watching the Napoli Real Madrid game and saw this was 1-0 at half time and i was thinking some jokes about Arsenal showing guts etc. Then noticed it is 10-2.

    I wonder how the rest of the season will go if it turns out Wenger won't be renewing contract and players are looking what do with themselves in the summer. Head Sanchez was laughing during the match. That doesn't look too good.

    If someone would be so kind and link some Arsenaltv videos that would be great.

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    delusional specnur..

    anyway I really think this was Wengers last match as the Arsenal manager

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    I think he is going to annouce he is leaving by the end of the season.

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    Anyway take it easy Arsenal fans, you guys 10-2 overreact sometimes.

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    Bleeding Nora, talk about Deja Vu, Arsenal looked lively enough first half, certainly causing the Germans some problems. Then Koscielny goes off and another 5-1 spanking ensues. I stopped watching when Robben got the second, I thought I was being wound up when somebody told me it finished 1-5. It is resignation stuff, getting thrashed 10-2 over two legs is woeful regardless of controversial sending offs etc., it is the worst ever aggregate defeat of an English club in the CL.
    He's magic you kno-oow, Mauricio Poch-ett-ino!

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    it is the worst ever aggregate defeat of an English club in the CL.
    Well done Gooners,
    soon it will be the EPL losing a CL position if our teams continue to play so badly.

    I don't see Leicester beating Sevilla in 2nd leg and Monaco could still win against City.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IamMelGibson View Post

    If someone would be so kind and link some Arsenaltv videos that would be great.
    I thought these two geezers gave a fair assessment of the situation.
    He's magic you kno-oow, Mauricio Poch-ett-ino!

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