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Thread: Hello fellow football supporters

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    Hello fellow football supporters

    Morning everyone, my real name is James and although I'm originally from Leeds I don't support them.
    I've grown up a Liverpool supporter as that's who my dad supported. Over 3 years ago I met a girl from the other side of the penines from Preston and I've lived and worked there since.

    I do go to quite a lot of Preston North End matches as my girlfriends family are huge supporters.
    I watched them win their first ever play off final in 2015 at Wembley and I was told by everyone on the coach I was their lucky mascot as at the time every match I'd seen Preston play they'd never lost or drawn.

    Also I did use this forum 10 years ago or so when I was 17/18 but i forgot my login details although I do remember my screen name was "We Won It 5 Times"
    It's good to see some familiar names still posting.

    I hope an Everton supporter is still here going by the name "bluenose" we had some good debates.

    Anyway I look forward to hearing from you guys and talking football!

    Catch you later

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    Welcome back Red, afraid Bluenose doesn't post here anymore but don't worry there of plenty of us who will point and laugh if Liverpool finish outside the top four!
    Looks like promotion is a tad ambitious for PNE this season, but best of luck anyway. Tottenham started wearing white as a tribute to PNE back in the early days, so I'm forever grateful to them, before that we had experimented with red believe it or not, and at one time sported a brown with gold pinstripe strip. Bleeding heck!
    He's magic you kno-oow, Mauricio Poch-ett-ino!

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    Welcome to the forum again Red
    and thanks for the excellent introduction.

    We have just celebrated our 10th anniversary here
    and are still going after all these years which i think
    is a great achievement considering social media is now more popular.

    I hope you'll stick around and join in with our discussions.

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    I think I'll laugh too if Liverpool don't get top 4. It's the games against sides like Burnley that frustrate me when they don't win. Guess football is a funny game.

    Yeah promotion doesn't look likely as the teams in the play offs are very strong and have way bigger budgets than little Preston.
    Mind you though to be where they are is a good achievement.

    Think next season if they can get a goalscorer in and keep a few of the loanees they should look at top 6, the problem is scoring for them in this league.
    They're solid defensively for the most part, organised and difficult to beat. They just draw a lot of games.

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    Red. Welcome back.

    Your 'We won it 5 times' account has had its password changed to 'change me' if you want to use that one again?

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    Welcome back dude! Enjoy your stay here eith us.

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