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Thread: FA Cup - Semi Finals - 2016/17

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    FA Cup - Semi Finals - 2016/17

    Chelsea v Tottenham

    Arsenal v Man City

    Its another fix so that Arsenal avoid playing Tottenham
    (unless they meet in final which is unlikely)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hams View Post

    Its another fix so that Arsenal avoid playing Tottenham
    (unless they meet in final which is unlikely)
    How dare you sir! Seriously, I'm glad we got Chelsea in the semi, they are going to be favourites for the cup so lets bite the bullet. Tottenham could beat Chelsea of course, one of the few teams to have done so this season, and I was quite encouraged by the amount of possession Man Utd got in the quarter before Herrera went off, they are not invincible.
    The Arsenal vs Man City game will be really tight also, on current form I'd fancy the Mancs to take the spoils, but Arsenal can give anyone a game when all cylinders are firing.
    He's magic you kno-oow, Mauricio Poch-ett-ino!

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    Sat 22/04/17
    Chelsea 17 : 15 Tottenham Hotspur

    Sun 23/04/17
    Arsenal 15 : 00 Manchester City

    Any predictions for this weekends semi finals?

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    What do you think? Of course got to go for a Tottenham win, despite our abysmal record at Wembley recently, and despite our FA cup semi final record! On the train to London, looking forward to what will be an undoubtedly tight game, though it could be anything if I'm honest, pretty sure there will be drama!
    Chelsea 1 Tottenham 2
    He's magic you kno-oow, Mauricio Poch-ett-ino!

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    What a ball from Ericsson and a lovely finish from alli. Assist of the season

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    cracking game between Chelsea and Tottenham at
    the moment with score at 2-2 but Spurs getting upper hand...

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    Sat 22/04/17
    Chelsea 4-2 Tottenham Hotspur

    Chelsea remain on course for the double.
    Tottenham have now lost 7 semi finals in a row.

    Cracking goals from Matic at end to seal the win!

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    Sun 23/04/17
    Arsenal E 2 - 1 Manchester City

    Arsenal will play against Chelsea in FA Cup final.

    Sanchez with winner in extra time but The Ox was man of match.

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    Well my pre game prediction was Arsenal 2 Man City 1 .
    That was before is aw the starting line up ,otherwise i would never have predicted an arsenal win ,but they did!
    It was really difficult to figure out why Man city looked so poor.
    It took another performance by the absolute DON called Ya ya Toure to take the the game by himself and try to pull City out of this stupor but it was't enough.
    How we won that game is beyond me ,but to his credit Xhaka had one of his better performances in an Arsenal shirt .
    That and the fact that Oil even though offensively dire ,he tracked back and did all i could ask of him ,which was make himself an obstacle in the counter attacks. Gabriel also had a better game ,Monreal also good. Not sure If Ox was manor the match though . Would personally give it to one of the defenders.
    What WTF was Cech doing for that goal ,showing his age with that apprehension that allowed Aguero to get to that poor touch his.
    Thought city could have had a couple of decisions go their way that could have ended with a goal .
    But it was a result i thought Arsenal could get at this point .
    Not sure if they can do the same against Chelsea ,but i duo think the west London team are highly overrated Palace backed me up on that .

    Should, be a very interesting game ,if Koscielny can stay for for the duration .

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    I only saw the highlights but it looked like a deserved win for arsenal. I hope arsenal beat the average chelsea coz at least arsenal play good football to win matches. Chelsea were so average yesterday

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