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Thread: Germany v England-22nd March-Kick Off-7.45pm

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    Germany v England-22nd March-Kick Off-7.45pm

    England travel to Dortmund for this friendly game against Germany.

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    22 M. ter Stegen
    5 M. Hummels
    3 J. Hector
    16 A. Rüdiger
    8 T. Kroos
    15 J. Weigl
    18 J. Kimmich
    19 L. Sané
    10 L. Podolski
    20 J. Brandt
    24 T. Werner

    1 J. Hart
    5 G. Cahill
    3 R. Bertrand
    2 K. Walker
    6 C. Smalling
    4 M. Keane
    11 A. Lallana
    7 J. Livermore
    10 D. Alli
    8 E. Dier
    9 J. Vardy

    This is Lukas Podolski's last ever game for Germany.

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    Germany 1-0 England
    1-0 Podolski 69'

    So it was former Arsenal forward Podolski who
    scored the winning goal in his final ever international!
    I knew i should have bet some money on him!

    I thought that England play well and were unlucky to lose.
    Decent debut from Michael Keane at the back and Lallana and Alli had some good moments.

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    I was about to say that I regretted watching this game, as it just proved that no one cares about these friendly matches here in Germany, but then Podolski scored that beauty of a goal.. what a final moment of his national team career... glad I saw that live on tv after all..

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    Saw the highlights on ITV, I'm not a fan of the modern friendly but it looked a pretty good game. Scorching goal by Podolski, what a way to end his international career. England should have won with the chances they had but hey, what does a friendly result mean if we're honest? Just filler for the sports pages.
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    One useful thing from that friendly...England played well without Rooney. If that little potato headed f*cker gets any more game time in competitive matches I'll have less confidence in Southgate than I do already.
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    Idiocy or banter? Discuss.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pickleman1967 View Post
    The behaviour of England's fans in Dortmund was a disgrace.
    Booing Germany's national anthem,singing that stupid 10 German bombers song,
    waving arms about like planes from the dambusters and even abusing Lukas Podolski.
    These idiots if identified should be given travel orders as they are an embarrassment.

    If they act like drunken yobs in 2018 Russia WC they will just get anther beating
    from the Russian hooligans like in Marseille during the Euros.

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    They won't go to Russia ,they are cowards !
    I know for a fact that Russia is waiting for them and if they thought that mob 150 gave them a battering ,then their imagination couldn't fathom what's ahead of they go to Russia.
    I actually asked a few of my old mate start go everywhere with england if they are looking forward to going to Russia and they all said F@ck that ,i laughed my ass off.

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    Yeah agreed, embarrassing nonsense from the England fans, a lot of the fans looked young in that clip so it is not a "generational" thing, they are just mimicking the actions of former generations. Gawd knows what the Germans think of us, I suspect they think us a slightly strange breed when we are going on about a war that is over seventy years old at a football match!
    As for being "cowards", that doesn't bother me in the slightest Specs, this is a festival of sport we're not going to war with Russia ffs. I'm pleased to hear your mates aren't "up for it" as we had enough of that sh*t in the 1970s and 1980s, just a bit sad that young Russian idiots want to revive that legacy under their own colours.
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