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Yeah agreed, embarrassing nonsense from the England fans, a lot of the fans looked young in that clip so it is not a "generational" thing, they are just mimicking the actions of former generations. Gawd knows what the Germans think of us, I suspect they think us a slightly strange breed when we are going on about a war that is over seventy years old at a football match!
As for being "cowards", that doesn't bother me in the slightest Specs, this is a festival of sport we're not going to war with Russia ffs. I'm pleased to hear your mates aren't "up for it" as we had enough of that sh*t in the 1970s and 1980s, just a bit sad that young Russian idiots want to revive that legacy under their own colours.

To be fair mate, If it weren't for public surveillance since the late 80's and the increase since ,England fans would be bang at it. If you think otherwise you are mistaken . Going abroad for fisticuffs is usually something they can't wait for .Those that went to France had that on their minds for sure not all but a lot of frustrated blokes who can't satire their bloodlust in the UK any more. So for them to bottle out of going to Russia pretty much makes them a laughing stock !
I grew up in the 70's going to football i was on the periphery of a small crew of lads who partook in all that ,and i was merely a bystander i might add . But recently they have had some reunions which they have invite me to and you could see the the absolute envy in the face of the new lot when they listen to the stories for back when i used to go to football. All of them want to make a name for themselves it's quite sad really.