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Thread: Champions League - Quarter Finals-2016/17

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    2nd Legs

    Tue 18/04/17
    Leicester City 19 : 45 Atlético Madrid

    Tue 18/04/17
    Real Madrid 19 : 45 Bayern München

    Will be watching Leicester against Atletico tonight and then highlights of Madrid v Bayern!
    Vamos Atleti!

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    brilliant second half by Leicester they can hold their heads high after this tournament.
    Atletico, the team that have beaten Real Madrid and Barca this season, will wonder how this team are struggling to staying in the premiership!
    Great match. Great defending for Atletico ,they looked absolutely rock solid in that first half ,but that vaunted Premiership stamina for them down eventually but not enough.

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    Great match Real Bayern but what the fuck was that refereeing. I don't think the penalty should have been a penalty. But was that really a yellow offence for Vidal to get a red? And Ronaldo goal? What the hell. When has a player last been that much offside on this level?

    Also how is Robben still doing so great. Old and crippled and still if not for ronaldo's goals best player on the pitch I would say.

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    man I hate these huge referee mistakes =( ..

    this was such a good match, but I hate it when this gets ruined by unfair decisions... I also thought this was not a penalty in the first place, but these refs obviously got carried away by the end and favored Real Madrid...

    Real equalizing (2:2) and taking the lead (3:2):

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    Easy first half for atletico but fair play to Leicester they turned it up in the second half playing a style I haven't seen in a while. Not a great style. Mostly root one. I think any team would find it hard to defend as no team is used to playing against that anymore. Stupid from vidal in the other game. He got the ball but it was an angle you just can't come in from and he caught asensio with his studs

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    2nd Legs

    Leicester City 1 - 1 Atlético Madrid
    Real Madrid E 4 - 2 Bayern München

    Atletico were the better team against Leicester
    in both legs and deserve to go through to semi finals.

    Ronaldo with another hat trick but shocking refereeing decisions!
    Madrid have now made it to 7 CL semi finals in a row.
    Can they become the first team to successfully defend their title?

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    What a terrible refereeing in the Bernabéu

    As already said, a good offensive football game totally ruined by the referee. Huge mistakes:

    - Ronaldo's second goal was clearly offside
    - Ronaldo's third goal was also offside
    - Vidal's second yellow card was unfair

    But, on the other hand:

    - Bayern's second goal (Ramos own goal) was also offside, and it would have avoided the overtime
    - Vidal deserved the second yellow card much earlier
    - Casemiro's penalty didn't seem a penalty

    Anyway, I'm not happy with this. Both teams played well and I think Real deserved to go through the next stage but now everyone's talking about the ref and taking credit from Real. I wish they could finally set the video refereeing or something similar so all this cr*p didn't exist.
    I can understand (kind of) most of the mistakes made yesterday by the refs but Ronaldo's second goal. It was so clear a third division side ref would have called it.
    Raúl González Over 400 career goals, 3 UCL, 6 La Liga, Top scorer in history of UCL and Spain's national team for a decade, captain of one of the best generations of players in Real Madrid history.

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    I just rewatched that penalty decision and I changed my mind.. I thought Robben was flopping, but he just fell in an overdramatic way... this was a penalty

    edit 1:
    @Raul: I don't see any offside position on that Raul own goal either

    edit 2:
    I just watched a summary of what Casemiro did in this game and that guy deserved a red card even more and earlier than Vidal tbh...

    Where Ronaldo have been allowed to score two offside goals, Lewandowski got a call while being ONside on a perfect opportunity to score the 2-0 .. the ref decisions were even worse for Bayern than I expected.. I say this as a Dortmund supporter
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    Wed 19/04/17
    Monaco 19 : 45 Borussia Dortmund

    Wed 19/04/17
    Barcelona 19 : 45 Juventus

    Come on Juventus! Surely Barcelona wont come back this time?

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    I still don't think it was a penalty. He kicks the ball away from Robben before there's contact.

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