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Thread: Line of Duty

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    Line of Duty

    Line of Duty is about a team
    of police who investigate corrupt coppers.
    Anyone else watch this cop drama on BBC?
    The end of last weeks opening episode was amazing.

    It looks like forensics guy Tim is the real suspect kidnapper
    and not that simple bloke they fitted up for the crime or is he?

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    I'[m one episode away from finishing the second series. I quite like it but that annoying feckin' midget called Steve....I wanna do bad things to his character..

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    I agree with you Panja about that annoying Steve,
    The bloke is everywhere! He should be investigated if you ask me!
    Thandie Newton has been amazing as the corrupt police woman and killer.
    I will be surprised if she manages to get out of this situation!

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    The finale last weekend was fantastic!
    The question needs to be asked though is Hastings the mysterious H?
    I was pleased that Roz Huntley finally went down.
    She was played magnificently by Thandie Newton who is a brilliant actress.
    Great news that there will be another series.

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