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Thread: 2017 General Election

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    Jeremy Corbyn

    Anti British,Anti Semitic,hates our armed forces and royal family.

    He is Pro IRA,Hamas,Palestinian and Hezbolah he would hand Falklands
    back to Argentina and i also imagine give Gibraltar to the Spanish without a fight.

    This is a very dangerous man who would change our British way of life for ever.

    Dont be fooled into thinking that he seems like a decent bloke as he hates all we stand for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steely View Post
    here we go again

    Labour took us into the wars, as you well know. trying to shift focus on Iraq and Afghanistan to the Tories is so politically biased it is beyond belief.
    It is impossible not to shift focus to the Tories on this subject. 168 Labour MPs didn't back the government led by the most right wing leader that Labour have ever had, it was the biggest rebellion in modern political history. The only major party to overwhelmingly support military action were the Tories!. To try and portray this as a Labour war with no Tory involvement is so politically unaware it is beyond belief.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steely View Post
    People aren't attacking us because of police cuts, they're attacking us because they hate us. and this hatred has been allowed to fester and blossom unchecked by authorities for decades in probably exclusively Labour strongholds.

    Absolute bollocks!

    They don't hate YOU they hate your establishment ands what it has done in THIER land. If your comment had any truth to it why hasn't this happened decades ago?People have just had enough of what your politicians have been doing for years, the ridiculous thing the terrorists have done is think that targeting innocent people will hurt that actual culprits .But what they don't understand is that they are dealing with a people (the establishment) without a conscience so it has absolutely no affect on change in their region.

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    The absolute arrogance of anyone who thinks handing back land that is not within it's own waters is astounding if not downright depressing.
    This is the problem ,that people STILL to this day believe they have the RIGHT to whatever land they set their eyes on.
    They can look at the map see some island all the way over there and think to themselves ,yeah why not no one lives there.
    Or even if someone did live there it wouldn't make a bit of difference to some.
    It is this very thought process that will continue a life of misery and fear for us,because they just don't f@cking get it!
    We have no business in any land outside of our own waters simple as that . Once you accept that ideology then you begin to make the changes ,mentally, that will promote humility . And only then will we as a country be respected the world over. Respect through power no longer works those days are done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steely View Post
    I bet that if you tracked down the constituency of every individual who went to fight for ISIS, as well as those that have committed terrorist acts in this country, the vast majority if not every one of them will have come from a Labour stronghold.

    similarly if we look at the child grooming scandals - what % of those are/were in Labour strongholds?

    Your boy Corbyn declared Hamas as his friends. well I consider him guilty by association anybody who can even consider using such a term to describe such backward, genocidal filth as friends will never, ever get a vote from me.

    if you're going to attribute 'blame' to the Tories for Westminster and Manchester then you should also consider that Labour also took us into both Iraq and Afghanistan. 7/7 also happened on Labour's watch.

    People aren't attacking us because of police cuts, they're attacking us because they hate us. and this hatred has been allowed to fester and blossom unchecked by authorities for decades in probably exclusively Labour strongholds.

    perhaps you inadvertently raise an interesting point though, religious institutions are tax exempt and also enjoy public subsidy in various guises. however there is an obviously significant burden on our police and security forces in managing the threat from religious fanatics. how about we heavily tax all religious institutions? make them pay financially to contribute towards the burden their superstition places upon our resources?

    why should public money be diverted from other sources in order to prop up an ever expanding network of spies and specialist police units to deal with what is a very specific and isolated threat from one cross section of society? religious institutions have had it too good for too long. lets make them own their misdeeds through heavy taxation. you can look at it as reparation, if you like.

    So how would getting somebody in who would likely hinder the exit process help with this?

    for sure, I'd sooner we had no dealings whatsoever with them and their kind. I've made that clear numerous times.

    I'm baffled.

    how are they responsible for terrorism? the first ever Islamist suicide attack on UK soil was done under a Labour government. even today, many apologists point to the Labour decision to invade Iraq and Afghanistan as being one of the key reasons these people are attacking us. so I ask again, how are the Tories responsible?

    responsible for Brexit? well yes, they called the referendum. the people got what they voted for. are you saying this is a bad thing now? didn't you vote Brexit? so you obviously think/thought Corbyn was wrong on this issue. have you changed your mind?

    serving the wealthy? what are you defining as wealthy? £40k a year? £50k a year? £70k a year? £100k plus a year? of course they are guilty of giving leg ups to chums etc, I completely agree with you on that though.

    again though I don't see this as the biggest issue of the current election. it is something to come back to next time around, for sure. Are Labour an alternative?

    TERROR - They brought terrorism to our shores with their constituencies being breeding grounds of hate, they invaded two countries to force regime change and have been guilty of overlooking the mass rape of children across several towns and cities.

    BREXIT - their official position was to campaign against Brexit and certainly never even wanted the referendum. Abbott has effectively gone as far as calling leave voters racists.

    SERVING THE WEALTHY - depends exactly what you mean by this but you'll need to explain to me how Labour will improve the lot of me and my family - who are most certainly not wealthy.

    to be honest, i'll probably not even vote in the election. I live in a Tory stronghold anyway so my vote is next to worthless but I can't envisage a situation in which Corbyn as prime minister is palatable. I'm content to sit tight, get out of the EU, assess where we are and then consider my voting options next time around - hopefully by then Labour will have somebody I can vote for at the top.
    I read the below Steely and felt it covered exactly how I feel about this election but put together better than I could probably get it across.

    Again though, I will say because I feel I have to keep covering my arse with this. I do not believe the Labour party are perfect, nor is Jeremy Corbyn "My Jezza" either. He's just someone I trust more than the one who's in power and, more importantly, I believe Labour's government is one I think we'Lloyd be better under than the other option which is why I am voting for them.

    You know I never actually said “don’t vote”? I said “There’s no point in voting when the main political parties are basically indistinguishable and the relationship between government, big business and factions of the media make it impossible for the democratic will of the people to be realised”, which is a more nuanced point and plainly true. Anyway, that was then and this is now.

    Since then we have had a revolution, and not a pleasant one, a nostalgic backward lunge into an imaginary world where economic disparity and social fragmentation are concealed by a flag, draped across the truth like a patriotic tablecloth. The late Zygmunt Bauman had a phrase for this phenomenon - ‘retrotopia.’

    Compared to the buffet of neo-liberal homogeneity that we chewed through in 2015, the possibility of voting for a politician that offers change seems oddly exotic. Jeremy Corbyn has somehow been in politics for decades with his integrity perfectly preserved, like his much derided beard has functioned as hairy formaldehyde for his principles.


    Theresa May has chosen to make this election about ‘personality’ rather than principles, which seems increasingly unwise. The delirious sycophant that had her ear when they were plotting this smash ‘n’ grab clearly saw Theresa as some kind of female Freddie Mercury set to dazzle voters from the podium rather than a vindictive librarian drawn by Quentin Blake.

    Whether it’s the Iraq War or badger-baiting, Corbyn has been allied with common sense and compassion in pretty much every parliamentary argument (assuming you’re not pro war/badger-baiting). Even the more ‘controversial’ stuff in his search history doesn’t hold up to scrutiny - meeting with the IRA; he wasn’t at a barn dance in Londonderry downing Guinness in a balaclava, he was perspicaciously acknowledging the necessity for negotiation in pursuit of a peaceful solution. Which is what happened, years later. You could say that he was ahead of his time. Or a leader.

    The spin after his statement about the conditions that exacerbate terrorism was telling too. ‘We need to look at new ways of tackling terrorism’ when repurposed became ‘Britain is to blame for the Manchester bombing.’ We are beyond doublespeak and into a hegemonic narrative singularity.

    Dr Brad Evans says: “It’s as if George Orwell never existed - to think critically about terror is to endorse it, to oppose nuclear arms makes you a pansy”. I’m paraphrasing, the point is that ‘strength’ is reduced to one, violent, incontestable weltanschauung.

    russell brand

    Corbyn has been in the game a while and knew that what he said would be warped in order to stoke fear but said it anyway. Why? Integrity and trust that people can discern truth from propaganda. Qualities I want from a strong and stable leader.

    It seems we have forgotten that politics can offer hope and change. We think that elections must be between two barely distinguishable parties, fronted by leaders that look like they could be in the same ‘Now That’s What I Call Democracy’ tribute act.

    A glance across the Atlantic demonstrates what happens when the left rejects the popular emergence of a caring socialist leader in favour of the well-groomed centre. Denied the opportunity for meaningful change, the American people went for the sugar rush high you get from pushing the ‘fuck it’ button.

    Those clamouring for a more centrist leader in America got what they deserved, they got Donald Trump.

    Britain is not America but what I sense is currently universal is that ordinary people are pissed off. They’re pissed off with being lied to, they’re pissed off with not getting what they’re entitled to expect from their government. They’re pissed off with life.

    Anger leads to bad decisions. When angry and afraid we make choices that hurt us. It’s time for those of us that are well-off to make some (pretty modest) financial sacrifices, and for those that aren’t to vote in the interest of themselves and their communities, and they (we, they, we?) know, deep down, that that isn’t a party so hungry for power that it swallowed Ukip whole and is now belching the consequences into our faces.

    A Labour government won’t be perfect, it will be operating within a system that opposes its new, manifest agenda to serve the people it will be elected to govern. Jeremy Corbyn won’t be perfect, he is a human being. We have a chance to elect a politician who is committed to serving the people of Britain. To supporting the NHS, public services and educating the young people to whom the future belongs.

    Electing the Tories for another five years, to throw the opportunity for change into the distant indeterminate wasteland of 2022 would be an act of collective self-loathing bordering on mass sadomasochism.

    We must have some faith in humanity, some faith in one another, some hope that we can build a better society together, rather than burrowing downward from the gutter to whatever circle may be propping up hell. We must recognise compassion, kindness and communication as virtuous strength, not ‘mutton-headed’

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seamus View Post
    It is impossible not to shift focus to the Tories on this subject. 168 Labour MPs didn't back the government led by the most right wing leader that Labour have ever had, it was the biggest rebellion in modern political history. The only major party to overwhelmingly support military action were the Tories!. To try and portray this as a Labour war with no Tory involvement is so politically unaware it is beyond belief.
    That's takes care of that then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steely View Post
    so they've been preying on 'easy meat' white girls in their thousands all over the country and blowing up a concert of young girls and their mums because of our government?

    that, my friend, is absolute bollocks.
    My guess is that they are trying to turn the people of the country against their government by upping the ante so to speak.
    Because to me if it were the case that they hated the people of the country they would have started such egregious acts for the start.
    It makes more sense to me that they start off somewhere in the hope that people welcome to their senses and at least ask the question as to WHY they are doing this ,when they don't see the expected "progress" they take it up a notch.
    And when you talk about them Preying on "easy meat" white girls in our country , i think we need to look at the example we have shown them as a massive reason for that.
    If we don't treat our girls or women with the respect or raise them with to have the respect for themselves then it makes it easier for the degenerates form their community to join in. Because i can assure you that does not go on in other countries as much as ours where we there are communities such as theirs.
    I am not in any way excusing it ,but for when i left the country in 1989 to when i started coming back here regular and for longer periods of time in the 2000's the change in attitude has been depressing regarding our youth. Maybe we can blame the introduction of the internet as main contributor to attitudes changing ,but i think have said this before there is something wrong with the people who are effected by the internet in such a way. because i don't think the net has had the same detrimental effect on society inn places like Norway ,Sweden or Japan as it has in the UK. So in effect girls make themselves more vulnerable to scum like this from any community. I can bet you this , the increase in groups of men preying on young girls in our country is the same in the white community as it might be in the Muslim communities.
    And when you look at how rife this has been in our land for the top down Politicians to celebrities for decades if not centuries , you can probably see why any predator who is picking a country to settle would make a b-line for our shores rubbing their hands the entire trip.
    If we held our women to the highest regard they wouldn't even THINK about doing such crap i'll tell you that. Our country has become a cesspool and you want to blame immigrants for it when we started it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steely View Post
    are you talking about the Falklands?

    who exactly do we hand it 'back' to?
    Who ever the closet country is , if it does not have indigenous people living on it.

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    Disgraceful TV debate on BBC last night.
    As expected it was so biased towards Labour and anti Tory.

    Theresa May told the media she wouldn't do any debates on
    TV when the election was called.

    I see that Corbyn decided to turn up at the last minute however
    voters across the UK wont be fooled by this dangerous man who hates Britain.

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    What you been watching or reading Hams. It's well known the media has been overwhelming biased to the Tories 'again'.

    Corbyn is just coming across better lately. Accept it.

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