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Thread: Champions League-Semi Finals-2016/17

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    2nd Leg

    Wed 10/05/17
    Atlético Madrid 2-1 Real Madrid

    Madrid will play against Juventus in the final.

    It was still great to see Atletico defeat the governments team
    in the last ever derby match between the 2 sides at the Vicente Calderon stadium.

    The slogan held up by fans before the kick off translated something like--
    "proud that have never behaved like you" as in Atletico are the team of the working class.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hams View Post
    Atletico are the team of the working class.
    I am the working class, Atletico represent losers and violence. And still dare to call theirselves the best fans in the world. Funny...

    Hopefully we'll get to see a well disputed final between Madrid and Juve. It should be an exciting game to watch between the best defense in the world and one of the best attacks (not saying Juve is a deffensive team because it is not, but they have the best defending system and several of the best defenders nowadays).
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