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Thread: Tottenham v Man Utd-14th May-Kick Off-4.30pm

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    Tottenham v Man Utd-14th May-Kick Off-4.30pm

    Tottenham lost their last game 1-0 at West Ham
    and are now out of the title race.
    Man Utd lost their last game 2-0 away at Arsenal
    and it is unlikely now they can finish in the top 4.

    This is Spurs final ever game at White Hart Lane
    and there will be a closing ceremony after the match
    with all sorts of former players and managers taking part.
    (Not Sol Campbell or George Graham!)

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    Spurs are out for their final home game against Man Utd.

    Tottenham have been unbeaten at home in the league this season....

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    Smashing occasion, and the correct result to deny Manure any chance of getting CL qualification through the league. I do hope they get beat in the EL final!
    It wasn't a brilliant game, Mourinho doing his usual thing with dull defensive football, trying to nick an away point or three, and I didn't think Spurs were at their best but at least they bounced back well from the defeat to Spam last week. I had to leave to catch my train after 90 minutes or I might have been tempted to sneak on the pitch and dig up a bit of grass to take as a souvenir. Terrific home record this season, but for those few dropped points away...oh well sh*t happens! I got a T shirt and a flag though!
    He's magic you kno-oow, Mauricio Poch-ett-ino!

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    It was yet again boring laid down tactics by Mourinho. I am really getting fed up with it. I knew we would not be going to WHL to win it at all and just to nick a point if possible. Yet again I am so disappointed by the display. Mourinho currently owns the brain of our players. Anyways.

    Coming to the game, it wasnt a free kick (ok may be it was 50-50) which led to Spurs goal. Alli made it most of it and made ref to give a freekick which was converted to goal by Kane and heck what an awareness and goal that was Kane! Brilliant! After the United subs, Matial came to life and atleast we pulled one back! Last goal scored at WHL will be by our captain Wayne Rooney that the only good thing about this game for me. Spurs didnt put themselves in top gear as well, may be they want to be safe than brave, cant blame them really. Out come of this game didnt change anything for either of the 2 teams.

    Good things about this season is Spurs didnt win the title and even they did not win anything at all!

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    Tottenham 2-1 Man Utd
    1-0 Wanyama 6'
    2-0 Kane 48'
    2-1 Rooney 71'

    Spurs end their stay at WHL with a victory against Man Utd.

    Anybody know why Gazza wasn't invited to the closing ceremony?

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    I saw Jose's interview after the match. I dont understand why does he moan so much about fixtures. He should be used to it by now. He is just focussing on the excuses to make after the match and not actually doing anything positive on the pitch for the most important 90 minutes. If he works out and finds perfect rhythm and balanace on the pitch then reporters wont throw any 'uncomfortable' questions to him. And the walk out of the interview was very rude by Jose and as we all know its not first time.

    I hope we win EL this season. We already are becoming a laughing stock.

    BTW we scored our first away goal against top 6 side in the 3rd last match. Happy days!

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    It is the only trophy manu hasn't won?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steely Hill View Post
    Roon, would you consider it a reasonable success if you win the Europa League?

    I'd argue that would represent a far bigger success than not winning it and finishing fourth.
    Resonable success? I would say yes. But I wont call it a hugely successful season. I would be careful with the words when defining how successful this season had been for us.

    It is a bare minimum requirement to get into the Champions League. It would have been a huge success to win EL and get into top 4. Winning EFL cup wont define success. According to me, the Premier League teams should be banned from this EFL cup compitition.

    We are way way behind the top teams in League like Chelsea and Spurs, so winning the league will be out of question for next few seasons. With the squad and mentality that we have right now, we can only focus on one competition at one time. We cant juggle between multiple competitions. Does it mean we would need to sign 11 new players? NO. We just need to believe in players we have. We have atleast 2 very good players for each position on the pitch and that is without signing any new player next season. Its all down to the manager how he treats each one of them, how he motivates them and win their confidence. I did not see it happening this season. Will it happen next season; I dont know. You give this team to Arsene Wenger or Klopp or Pochetinno and you will see a world beating team out of this squad.

    This season, it was all down to lack of motivation and too much negativity.

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    I think Man Utd winning the League Cup and Europa League
    qualifying for next seasons CL would be a decent start for Jose Mourinho
    in his first campaign in charge at Old Traffford and in improvement on last year under LVG.

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    Yeah, as much as I hate to admit it, winning the EL would be a very decent season for Man Utd., it is difficult trophy to win while competing in the PL. It is a gateway to the CL next season and will only help attract more top players, and I'm pretty sure Mourinho will be looking to move on quite a few of the current players in the summer. He has clearly taken the strategic decision to focus on the European trophy after the league campaign faltered, and it is a fair punt - one game away from a lot of happy Mancs (at least half of Manchester anyway). They are currently odds on to win the thing, the bookies don't make their books for no reason...
    He's magic you kno-oow, Mauricio Poch-ett-ino!

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